Promiscuity Without Entitlement, for Men


Angelus Morningstar explains how men can enjoy being promiscuous without having to resort to pick-up tactics and other behaviors that can demean their sexual partners.

Why Non-Verbal Signals Fail as Substitutes For Consent

bit lip

Scott Heerman explains the problematic nature of relying up on signals as sexual consent.

An Open Letter to the Rapey Frat Brother and the “How to Get Laid” Generation


Jamie Utt offers the Georgia Tech student who called women “rapebait” a sex-positive view of masculinity and party culture.

How to Kiss and Tell (without Being an A******)

sex talk, kiss and tell, guy talk, men talk about sex, respecting women, respecting lovers

It’s good to talk, especially when it comes to sex. We just need to remember two simple rules to kiss and tell respectfully.

Heads of the Hydra or, The End of Rape

Hydra, mythology, rape culture, violence, consent education, yes means yes, The Good Men Project

It takes more than education on consent to stop rape, but it is a vital chapter in a new story of what we all want: a world without rape.

The Utility of Violent Porn


Under what circumstances is it acceptable to simulate non-consensual or violent sex?

Everyone Gets Judged For Their Sex Lives! Equality!

An interesting recent study has shown that three-quarters of college students judge men and women’s sex lives with complete equality. The breakdown is as follows: 48% egalitarian conservatives who lose equal respect for men and women they believe are “sleeping around.” 27% egalitarian libertarians who don’t lose respect for people for sleeping around. 12% traditional […]

Humping the Uncanny Valley: The Sexiness Gap in Men’s Sex Toys


Charles Emrich looks at the state of sex toys for men and plumbs some pretty distressing depths.

Feminist S&M Lessons From the Seduction Community: Part One, the “Neg”


Clarisse Thorn begins her deep exploration into the world of the Pick-Up Artist.