Turn Moody and Bitchy into In the Mood and At Your Service

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What we think of as moody in another person might just be a matter of timing and consideration on your part. Greg Dinkin explains.

If You Have to Convince Someone You’re Right for Them, Maybe They’re Not Right for You

romance photo by jeroenbennink

Paul Hudson tells his own personal story of trying—for years—to convince someone to love him. Perhaps there is learning for us all.

Relationships 101

Michael Ellis Relationships 101

Michael Ellis, back again with some fundamentals of relationship advice that can help everyone.

The Subtle Things That Make Men More Attractive

…although I expect to get an “Eye-f*** your way into her pants” marketing email any day now.

Yeah, we know being attractive matters in dating. But did you know there is a LOT you can do to increase your appeal? Dr. NerdLove explains.

Sex at Sixty: Need vs Want

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A committed relationship allows for sexual transformation.

How Do You Shack Up? [Infographic]


Here’s a quick peek of what goes on behind closed doors. The Skyn® Sex Survey from the makers of Lifestyles® condoms has some great stats that answers your questions about sexual partners, frequency of sex, sexual satisfaction, dates before sex and more.

Condoms! Condoms Everywhere!

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Andrew Smiler applauds the American Association of Pediatrics’ recommendations that adolescents be taught to use condoms and that condoms be made more available to them.

The Japanese Sex Drought


Have young people in Japan given up on sex and relationships? Thomas Pluck wonders.

5 Mistakes Men Make in Relationships

5 Mistakes Men Make in Relationships, Men, Relationships, Relationships Mistakes

Jackson Bliss explains why these five relationship mistakes can be lethal.

Fact or Fiction: Do Guys Want Lots of Sexual Partners?


Andrew Smiler reviews the numbers and concludes that the idea guys want lots of different partners is fiction.

Congratulations, You’ve Been Friend-Zoned

Congratulations Youve just been friend zoned

Veronica Grace would like to tell you her own experiences with the dreaded “friend-zone”.

How About We End the War on Sex?


“Men fare little better. We are viewed as sexual junkies who seek to satisfy our relentless physical appetites at the expense of all who cross our paths. We are not to be trusted.”

Let’s Teach Boys About Airbrushing

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Andrew Smiler argues that we can help everyone by teaching boys about the artificial beauty we see.

Striking Out the Sex=Baseball Metaphor

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Andrew Smiler Says the Sex=Baseball Metaphor Commits Four Errors

Chivalry and Equality Went On A Date. Guess Who Paid?

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Andrew Smiler wonders why changes in gender roles have had a minimal impact on dating.

Male Sexuality is Threatening Because We Don’t Understand It

toper lovers-forever

Andrew Smiler identifies 7 things we can do today to change ideas about male sexuality