Why Do High Profile Men Tend Be Involved In Sex Scandals? Arrogance!

What’s at the heart of the modern Lothario complex?

On Scandals, Shtupping, and Dr. Seuss

Clinical Psychologist Cliff Mazer wonders what’s happening with some men today who just can’t seem to get it together.

War on Women: Republican Denial & Deflection

Warren Blumenfeld thinks Rand Paul’s attacks on Bill Clinton are hypocritical.

Santa Sex Tape

One celebrity whose star will never set is Santa Claus’, and one reason why is that he’ll never be brought low by scandal.

Hurt People Hurt People: Infidelity and Self-Deception

‘Hurt people hurt people’ explains, but does not pardon, the damage done by those who cheat on their partners.

Why Powerful Men Get In Trouble (and Why We Care)

Why would men at the top levels of the CIA and the US military seem to lack the good sense at least to show greater discretion when interacting with women other than their wives? And why does it matter to us so much?

Tosh and Sandusky Were Not The First

Jack Varnell is outraged at how many sexual assault cover-ups have happened in recent memory, and wants to help affect change.

Should We Forgive Anthony Weiner? How About Electing Him Mayor?

Early reports say that Anthony Weiner may run for mayor… At what point do we forget Weiner’s transgressions? How much remorse is enough? At what point did Weiner’s private life become a matter of national business, anyway?

The Sandusky Salvo

As the parallels between the Sandusky trial and my childhood unfold, I wish I could tell other men like me what I’ve learned.

Tiger Woods: He’s Back

Former pro athlete Liam Day believes that despite the sex scandal, Tiger Woods is mentally the toughest athlete he’s ever seen, and that the moral tension surrounding the star will be good for the sport.

Is Prostitution ‘Cruel and Demeaning’?

Joanna Schroeder has some questions about how the apparent lack of discipline against the U.S. Military members involved in the Colombian sex scandal reflects America’s view of prostitution.

The Female Political Sex Scandal No One’s Talking About

Slade Sohmer can’t believe the American media is passing on a female political sex scandal. Shouldn’t we be all over this?

Just Another Inaccurate Story About Women Who Have Sex

‘The Ides of March’ could’ve been a movie that explored sex and gender in new ways—except it wasn’t.

The 10 at 10: December 31

Chicken wing recall during bowl season? Crud. We’re appalled, crushed, shocked, and devastated.

The News—Pope Benedict Goes On a Trip, Boeing Welcomes Space Tourists, and the Tea Party After-Party Rages On

Good morning, gentlemen. Here’s what’s good feeding on this fine Thursday morn. Pope Benedict visits UK, reprimands molesting priests Pope Benedict kicked off his controversial four-day tour of the UK with a state visit with Queen Elizabeth this morning… and it’s a pretty big deal. This is the first pontifical visit to Britain in nearly […]