Does a ‘Happy Ending’ Make Him a Cheater?

5 ways to understand what is (and is not) considered infidelity in your relationship.

Shattered Heroes: Gandhi’s Dark Side?

In the city of Cerritos a statue of Gandhi symbolizes immorality and hypocrisy.

The Sexual Revolution: A Personal History

Curtis Smith takes us on a personal romp through the decades of the sexual revolution.

The Grace Hotel

A former wedding planner observes the sex trade in Bangkok, as well as efforts to free women and children from prostitution.

“Laws prohibiting consensual deviant exchanges damage the public’s respect for law.”

This is a comment by Andrew on the post “Open Thread: Should Drugs Be Legalized?”

Can’t We All Agree That Sex Trafficking is Wrong?

Is there really any grey when it comes to sexual slavery of underaged boys and girls?

Goldman Sachs & Sex Trafficking? Not so fast …

Is Goldman Sachs responsible for sex trafficking that occurs as a result of a 16% stake in the Village Voice? The New York Times thinks so.

Twenty-One Thoughts On Pornography

My secret male crush/lover is at it again. This time our in-house photographer and man of wisdom addresses the underlying meaning of porn.

Legalize Sex (and Everything Else)

The legalization of sex, drugs, and gambling would help remedy these industries by bringing them into the spotlight, Tom Matlack argues.

Men Who Buy Sex

A male bashing researcher talks about the sex trade, and Tom Matlack questions the results.

Is Male Lust Turning Us Inside Out?

Tom Matlack wonders what would happen if men were allowed to be open about their lust.

Does Buying Sex Make You a Criminal?

A Boston-based study claims buying sex leads to violent crime.

“Are Most Men Like This”? Sex, Lies, and the Newsweek Study

Hugo Schwyzer responds to Newsweek: “I’ve heard from many guys who tell me that they lie about porn (and the other kinds of sex they may buy) because, as one put it to me, ‘women go ballistic when you tell them the truth.'”

The John Next Door

Study: sex buyers dehumanize and commodify women.

Never to Be Sold Again

Breaking the Cycle of Child Sex Slavery: “Despite it all—the rape or abandonment or HIV—there’s hope.”

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Is Fake Really Better?

What does the rapid increase in breast augmentation say about all of us?