Evidence, Not Morality, Should Guide Sex Work Policy


Dr. Paul Maginn on the near-sighted belief within certain political, religious and feminist circles that all sex workers are female and victims of human trafficking.

No Money for Adult Bookstores

immoral businesses, business practices, lending practices, banking, business loans

Should businesses make decisions on moral grounds?

Women Who Pay For Sex: Men, Stereotypes, and the Erotic


More women than you think have paid for male “companionship”. What does this say about stereotypes of how sex and desire work?

I Don’t Deserve to Be Happy


Sex addiction and cheating are signs of deeper issues for Felicity Hodgman.

The Grace Hotel


A former wedding planner observes the sex trade in Bangkok, as well as efforts to free women and children from prostitution.

The Utility of Violent Porn


Under what circumstances is it acceptable to simulate non-consensual or violent sex?

Pornography Ended My Marriage


Is porn a good thing?

Women and Sex Work


Suburban wife, mother, and sex worker Elle Lynn Stanger talks about the women and men who make and use porn.

Kat Banyard

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[Depicted: a sign that says “we demand sex workers’ rights”] Kat Banyard is apparently a leading young feminist who is Intelligent! and Quiet! and Not Sexy In That Liz Lemon Kind Of Way Where Straight Dudes Can Congratulate Themselves On The Progressiveness Of Their Boners Without Actually Liking A Girl Who’s (Eww) Not Conventionally Attractive!* […]

Ruby’s Massage


An itinerant yogi looking for practice space gets more than he anticipated.

It’s a Lap Dance. Accept It.


A professional stripper tells the truth: if you don’t want to go to a strip club, don’t go. But if you do, give yourself permission to enjoy it.

If It Ever Came To That


A Jennifer Love Hewitt show, Jackie Kennedy, and the right night in the wrong bar. William Lucas Walker talks about prostitution and parenting as only he can.

Is Prostitution ‘Cruel and Demeaning’?

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Joanna Schroeder has some questions about how the apparent lack of discipline against the U.S. Military members involved in the Colombian sex scandal reflects America’s view of prostitution.

Medical Students Turning To Sex Work?

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Apparently more medical students are turning to sex work to pay off their loans. Jamie Reidy isn’t surprised.