Getting Your Relationships Through the Dull Times


“Meh” can infiltrate many areas of our lives: self-image, career, home and (certainly) love. Tracee Dunblazier guides us on how to get through dull times.

How 6 Months of Tinder Left Me Longing for Real-Life Relationships

6 months of tinder

From the ugly to the beautiful, the scantily clad to the overdressed.

5 Ways to Stay in Love

5 Ways to Stay by Steven S

When the love is there but the thrill is gone, these five fire starters can help you rapidly rekindle your romance.

Don’t Stress: 46 Things A Man Will Never Notice on A First Date


Prepping for a first date just got a whole lot easier.

Why Complicated Women are Hard to Love, but Worth It

complicated women

She will make you work for her love — and that’s the only thing that really keeps a relationship together.

Every Guy Should Read This Article About Giving ‘The Talk’ To Your Sons


Dan McGlynn came home to find that his kids had Googled ‘Big Butts” and knew it was time for the talk.

Will I Be a Disappointment in Bed? My 5 Biggest Fears About Coming Out

gay pride fear

Don’t let fear prevent you from living an authentic life.

Exercise: write a letter to the person who infected you


Noah Stetzer explores HIV and uncertainty in this sobering poem.

It Just Works: 19 Signs You Are in a Happy and Healthy Relationship

happy healthy couple

You’re just as comfortable being silent as you are talking.

Neuroscience Proves What We’ve Known All Along: Gender Exists On A Spectrum

health check brai

A new study reveals evidence of a neurological distinction between gender identity and biological sex.

Getting Lucky vs. Hooking Up

Getting Lucky vs. Hooking Up

Here’s why today’s “hook up” millennials may be our best hope yet for a shift towards true intimacy.

Stop Assuming Guys Hate Valentine’s Day

man heart hands

This is barely even a holiday. What is there to hate?

When’s The Right Time To Stop Mid (Consensual) Sex? Any Time Your Partner Says “Stop”


Life is not like Temple of Doom. If she wants to get away you can’t crack your whip, reel her back, and expect her to be grateful.

How Not To Get Mad At Your Wife

Life is a dance

It took a near tragic event for Steven Lake to appreciate that his wife would not be around forever, and getting angry at her was no longer possible.

This Kid’s Game Will Build Intimacy AND Improve Your Sex Life​

guy with laptop

A long-distance relationship they thought was doomed turned into a game that keeps their marriage juicy nine years later.

4 Ways Strength Training Will Make You A Better Lover

weight training

It’s less about the physical changes in your body and more about the changes in how you show up with your lover.