American Violence: Will Black Sons Die Before They’re Killed?


Is Violence In America the Result of the Death Within Us?

This Is Why Being a Nice Guy Just Isn’t Enough


Here’s what you need to know to avoid the unintentional sexism that can come with gender socialization.

A New Perspective on Prejudice, Shaming, and Violence

A New Perspective by docentjoyce

Raoul Wieland examines a range of modern problems through the lens of ‘Lebensraum.’

Positive Discrimination and the White Man


What do you do when the only person in the conversation speaking up for women is a woman?

Why Joss Whedon Was Right About Sexism in the “Jurassic World” Trailer

Jurassic Park

It’s admirable that Joss Whedon doesn’t want to criticize other artists, but he wasn’t wrong in his observation about “Jurassic World.”

Religious Justifications for Oppression: A Brief U.S. History


Who has the power to define “the other,” and who has the power and control to define “the self”?

Call for Submissions: Things You Wish Men Knew About Working with Women

things you wish men knew about working with women photo by gratisography post by Dale Thomas Vaughn

If you are reading this on the Good Men Project, chances are you dig equality among the sexes.

Do Your Friends Tell Sexist Jokes?


Here’s how to deal with sexist jokes without censoring your friends.

Tucker Carlson Explained


The latest blow up involving conservative pundit Tucker Carlson shows why the conservative media can often times seems so dysfunctional.

Men’s Violence Against Women


7 attitudes that have to change

Lesbians Raising Sons


What’s it like to be a boy raised by two women? Vikki Reich shares the perspective given to her during a dinnertime conversation.

What Does Being a Man Mean to You?

What Does Being by Sincere

Sincere Kirabo is still learning what it means to be man … and we can learn a lot from him.

John Travolta, Joe Biden, And Why Men Touch Women’s Bodies Without Asking


The ‘mantouching’ trend needs to stop.

Ignorance, Incognito


As a straight white guy, I know who’s secretly bigoted. Because they tell me.

The Men of Marvel’s Agent Carter


They’re more than just sexist jerks, they’re the heroes of a different show.

What #QuestionsforMen Means to a Good Guy

Questions for Men photo by nalejandro

Mike Cruse has #Answersforwomen: “In order to address sexism, men have to be part of the conversation – not the butt of jokes.”