Women, Trolls, and the Killer Hypothetical


If we don’t pause once in a while to ask ourselves what we’re escaping from, then our pastimes cease to be harmless; they undermine our roles as citizens of the real world, suppressing empathy in favor of the killer hypothetical.

Defending Women Doesn’t Make You Less of a Man

Defending a Woman Doesn't by J Miller

James Michael Sama reminds us we’ve evolved and says it’s about time we started acting human.

Sexism Alive and Well at The Emmys…But Not In the Way That You Think


Are you really so convinced that it was Sofia Vergara who was objectified last night?

Raising Compassionate Boys: “Don’t Be A Pussy”

Rosie the Riveter

Kozo Hattori explains to his sons why to never use or react to the saying, “Don’t be a pussy.”

Watch These Ads That Manipulate Men

Watch These Ads by Graeme Newell

Do advertisers play on male fear and shame to sell products? You bet they do.

Can Men Be Objectified By Women?


It’s the question we’ve all been asking, and Shannon Ridgway is here to clear a few things up.

Shame: Is GMP Part of the Problem?

shame, finger-pointing, men

This is not a rhetorical question.

The Conversation About Sexism In Tech That We Should Be Having


Why we need to find talk about this persistent problem in one of the most rapidly growing fields.

The Real Problem With The Hobby Lobby Decision


The Supreme Court’s recent ruling about birth control highlights a lot of problems in our society, but one of the biggest has to be our dysfunctional health care system itself.

Boys in France Wear Skirts to School in Protest


It’s called ‘Lift the Skirt Day,’ and aims to reduce sexism in French schools.

Pulling the Red Card on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Pulling the Red Card on LDS Boston Public Library:Flickr

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) has connected a number of forms of oppression, most notably sexism, heterosexism, and racism.

Song Lo


Tragic or comic? Prose poem or flash fiction? Regardless, Cori Jones’s piece on women in a racist, sexist society will entice and provoke.

How Do Adjectives Promote Sexism?

How Do Adjectives Promote Sexism Deb Stgo:Flickr

The recent firing of Jill Abramson shows how gender based vocabulary signifies a social subtext of male dominance.

Race Factor 101: Raising Kids in a World of Donald Sterlings


Aleasa Word reminds us every issue a teachable moment, especially when it comes to teaching kids about selective outrage.

Why Is It Wrong To Be Sexist, Racist or Homophobic?

Wall in Mexico:US

It’s a good question. Right?

What Do You Do When She Doesn’t Want to “Do It?”

sex, men, women, "doing it"

Some guys complain that women won’t do things that men want, sexually. Or worse, they aren’t into sex, at all.