Many Small Microaggressions Add Up to Something Big

That’s right, those underhanded passive aggressive comments are just as discriminatory and hurtful as using a slur.

Changing the Culture of Masculinity

Yes, this is within our power to change. Here’s how to start.

The Elegance of Abortion Jokes

Quentin Lucas discusses the value in abortion jokes.

Things You’ll Never Hear Reporters Say To Male Athletes

How do male athletes respond to the same questions female athletes are regularly asked?

James Bond is Still a Sexist Dinosaur – But Audiences Love It

Should we expect movies to represent our ideals?

A Message to Women: It’s Not Us vs. Men

Why the battle brewing against the male gender is confusing the hell out of men. ___ Having been at the coaching game in the business world for 15+ years, it’s not until the recent past few years that I truly recognized the mounting battle that men are facing as they grow older. Mind you, men […]

Black Women, White Men, Black Men – The Politics of Sex, Race, and Humanity

Why are the stories of brutality against black women being ignored? Is it ignorance, discomfort, or something wors

I Am Not a Label; We Are One Race, The Human Race (Video)

Prince EA Speaks on Society’s Official Labels As the Real Cause of Division

“No, John Kasich, I Don’t Want Taylor Swift Tickets”

Governor Kasich may have gone to Richmond for the youth vote, but with one comment, he lost it.

None of Us Can Solve the Problem, But All of Us Can Try

It’s time to stop pointing fingers, stop crying that it’s never enough, and remember what we are here to do.

Our Privileged Legacies

Patrick Paglen discusses how privilege is rooted in our love for the legacies bequeathed to us from our ancestors.

Dad’s Hot Topic: Donald Trump – Not MY Daughters’ President!

In a world where controversial ‘Hot Topics’ are abuzz, Brian Gawlak finds the teachable moments in trending issues.

I Want to Change the World by Changing My Mind

Quentin Lucas tells a short story to show how poor thinking can happen to any of us.

Interviewing the President of GoTopless: Facing Our Discomfort

Quentin Lucas discusses GoTopless and women’s rights with its president Nadine Gary.

The Ted Nugent Paradox

Maybe one day we’ll take classism as seriously as we take racism and sexism, but that day’s a long way off.

Please, Wear Your Cargo Pants (or Whatever the Heck You Want)

Why does anyone care what other people choose to wear?