Serving Men Who Experienced Sexual Abuse

New Understandings About Men’s Role

The First Man in a Co-ed Sexual Abuse Group

When Steve and Olive met, it wasn’t love and first sight and definitely wasn’t true romance either

Were You Watching the Super Bowl?

This year, over 110 million men and women tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLIX.

Colleges Are Addressing Childhood Sexual Abuse

1in6 on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

Resolve to Support Wellbeing in 2015!

These simple actions will enrich lives

Forced Into Silence in the City

The Forced Into Silence team has been working really hard to make this documentary happen.

In the Director’s Chair of Forced Into Silence

Dr. Vibe helps us get to know La Shawn Pagán and the journey of making Forced Into Silence.

Forced Into Silence Viewer Participation

La Shawn Pagán has another serious question she wants you to consider about Forced Into Silence.

Forced Into Silence

Is it possible for extreme forms of abuse to happen and for no one to know about it?

On Women Married to Men Who Were Molested

Cecil Murphey offers some powerful insights into how women cope with the ways in which the men they love cope.

Boys Become Men: On Recovering from Childhood Trauma in Healthy Ways

Childhood trauma, its impact on men and boys, and how to support other men’s efforts to cope with those impacts in healthy ways.

Sexual Violence Against Boys & Men in Conflict Settings: The Men of Peace, Hope and Courage.

Alastair Hilton on his work with male survivors of sexual abuse and violence.

Men Who were Abused as Boys

By reducing those who sexually abuse men and boys to “Sanduskys”, we put a generic face on a very real problem.

Communicating a Need

While some ideas drown in noise, 1BlueString is bringing the voices of the 1in6 men that have been sexually abused to the surface.