How to Tell if She’s the One

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James Fell says that figuring out whether or not she’s right for you is a lot simpler than most people make it out to be.

“Gender awareness is unrelated to sexual attraction.”


A Profile in Family Courage: Ryland Whittington’s Story

A New Sexual Dictionary

Maybe the old terms aren't enough anymore.

Marie Crosswell defines terms that may be new to you, but are becoming more common as people redefine their desires, or lack thereof.

Hot Wife, Hot Life?

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There are a million things men love about their wives besides their beauty. Lady Chatterley encourages us to share those things here

Dear John: My Husband’s Knitting Is Out Of Control


An awkward gift-giver, a guy who accidentally killed his fiance’s pet, and waning attraction between a husband and wife.

“If women are so enthralled by men’s looks, then how come romance novels don’t have pictures?”

romance novels

This comment of the day was by Introverted Playboy on the post “The Success Myth”

Keep That Wanker Away from Me

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Do women prefer louts? Andy Bodle’s experiment in behaving poorly makes for bad science, but a good story.

Watching Her Walk in Her Sexual Power

walk in her shoes, sexual desire, sexual attraction, feminine appeal

Pamela Madsen imagines a day when women and men can flirt without fear.

Adolescent Humiliation

fight or flight, bullying, alpha males, pecking order, boys will be boys, boys fight, male aggression, sexual attraction, male adolescence

Andy Bodle fights and flees the pecking order.

Intriguing: The New Ugly?


Tracy Moore at Jezebel thinks their readers should learn to embrace “intrigue” over sexual attraction in their potential lovers.

Yoga Pants Nation

lululemon athletic wear

Yoga pants aren’t just for the yoga studio anymore. And if the trend doesn’t die soon, Nathan Graziano may be doomed.

Why Saying “Men Are Slaves to Their Sex Drive” is Insulting to Men

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Just as we must never excuse the misogyny of intimate partner abuse by saying that men are violent by nature, we must be careful never to excuse other forms of sexism by saying that men are slaves to sexual desire.

On Women and Casual Sex – Part II: Flings, One Night Stands and Same Night Lays


Guys, you’re doing it wrong: some women DO like casual sex.

On Women and Casual Sex – Part I: The Pleasure Theory


Actually, Good Charlotte, girls DON’T like cars and money—as much as they like boys who know how to “please” them…

Do Women Find Men with Babies More Attractive?

Cupid and Psyche

Scientific study bolsters writer’s claims despite his wife’s doubts

Men Need to Mentor Women Too


Men in positions of power need to overcome their fears, Hugo Schwyzer writes, and start making themselves available to members of the opposite sex.