Comment of the Day: ‘This touches on classic male/female sexual attraction’

Are we more or less attracted when we are told “facts” about someone?

This Is What Women Actually Want From Men!

Woman want many things from men. But there’s one thing they need before they let guys in sexually.

How to Feel Comfortable with Her History of Hookups

Advice columnist August McLaughlin helps a guy understand his girlfriend’s past history of casual sex.

4 Signs Your Partner Isn’t Ready for a Relationship

Breakup expert Matt Shumate wants you to have a partner who’s hot for you. So he’s sharing the signs that her interest is lukewarm.

How Bruce Jenner’s Story Allowed Me To Finally See My Own

In a society where gender identity is black and white, Bruce Jenner helped me define my gray.

Comment of the Day: “Life is a complex game, not a snapshot”

This comment is by Lucas, on the post “She’s still the same person, but I just know a little more about her.”

How to Tell if She’s the One

James Fell says that figuring out whether or not she’s right for you is a lot simpler than most people make it out to be.

“Gender awareness is unrelated to sexual attraction.”

A Profile in Family Courage: Ryland Whittington’s Story

A New Sexual Dictionary

Marie Crosswell defines terms that may be new to you, but are becoming more common as people redefine their desires, or lack thereof.

Hot Wife, Hot Life?

There are a million things men love about their wives besides their beauty. Lady Chatterley encourages us to share those things here

Dear John: My Husband’s Knitting Is Out Of Control

An awkward gift-giver, a guy who accidentally killed his fiance’s pet, and waning attraction between a husband and wife.

“If women are so enthralled by men’s looks, then how come romance novels don’t have pictures?”

This comment of the day was by Introverted Playboy on the post “The Success Myth”

Keep That Wanker Away from Me

Do women prefer louts? Andy Bodle’s experiment in behaving poorly makes for bad science, but a good story.

Watching Her Walk in Her Sexual Power

Pamela Madsen imagines a day when women and men can flirt without fear.

Adolescent Humiliation

Andy Bodle fights and flees the pecking order.

Intriguing: The New Ugly?

Tracy Moore at Jezebel thinks their readers should learn to embrace “intrigue” over sexual attraction in their potential lovers.