Dads Dealing with Girly Bits

With three girls, this dad is only half a credit hour away from earning his OB/GYN certificate.

The 7 Best Things You Can Teach Your Kids About Sex

Jordan Gray says that sexual education should come from our parents. And these are the seven things they need to make sure they’re telling their children.

Wildlike: A Stunning Movie to Help Teach Your Son about Sexual Responsibilities

He is vulnerable and stoic; she needs to return to home. Wildlike’s unusual pairing makes the perfect vehicle for explaining the male calling to protect.

When Sex Education Emphasizes Shame, It Doesn’t Help Youth Who Have Been Sexually Abused

Monica Faulkner on how the sex ed system in America perpetuates an idea of shame associated with sex. Not only is this a harmful lens to view sex, but it also continues a cycle of silence for abuse victims.

How To Get More Men Using Condoms — Put The Pleasure Back Into Sex

Putting pleasure and excitement at the heart of our discussions with young men provides us with a coherent, inclusive and meaningful starting point from which to talk about sex.

Why I’m Pro-Sex Work and Anti-Porn

Instead of shaming porn actors and sex workers, Matthew Facciani says we should have open conversations about sexuality and sexual education.

7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Be Better In Bed

Jordan Gray says that becoming a better lover is simpler than you’d expect (and it has nothing to do with sexual technique).

How to Talk With Your Sons About Robin Thicke

Eric Clapp refuses to place the scandal of the VMAs entirely on Miley Cyrus—wasn’t Robin Thicke’s performance just as scandalous?

How Our Metaphors For Sex Shape Our Sexual Experiences (Video)

We use competitive metaphors to talk about sex, like baseball, when we should be using corporative ones, like pizza.

Is Chicago’s “Pregnant Men” Campaign to Reduce Teen Pregnancy Offensive?

S.E. Smith investigates the real messages in Chicago’s new teen pregnancy ad.

STDs and Men’s Sexual Health: 2/12

The STD Project and The Good Life are sparking a conversation on male sexual health in the 21st century.

New Year’s Resolution: Change ‘The Talk” into the Conversation

Andrew Smiler impores people to talk more openly and consistently about sex and sexuality with their young children.

“The subtext: men are sex-crazed maniacs and women aren’t supposed to like sex.”

This is a comment by Sarah on the post “The Truth about Porn and Relationships”.

What Sex Education Could Be Like

Does sex ed include information on human interactions beyond ‘here’s where the parts go’?

Is Holding Hands a Gateway Sexual Activity?

Joanna Schroeder wonders how the state of Tennessee hopes to educate young people on how to protect themselves if it’s illegal to mention “gateway sexual activities”.

FBI: Female Body Investigator Quiz

What’s your rank?