The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Sex


We are programmed to fear our desires and treat them as alien invaders. So we create fetishized images and guilt.

Sexual Healing

kissing couple

A new vision of 21st century male sexuality.

The Key Take-Away’s for Men about Consent from Mr. Ghomeshi’s Fall From Grace


From Fetish Sex Expert Galen Fous MTP: If you and a lover crave rough sex, follow the rules of consensual engagement.

New Sex Research Maps the Explosion of Erotic Kinks Emerging in 21st Century Sexuality

Innovative survey helps people clarify their core sexual themes and avoid erotic mismatches in relationships.

Anatomy of a Personal Erotic Myth – Feminine View


A woman braves her fears about her sexual desires to embrace her lifelong fetish sexual yearnings and save her relationship

Fifty Shades 2.0 – Time to Upgrade Your Kink Sexuality Knowledge Base


Fetish Sex Expert Galen Fous offers 4 critical guidelines to know before you explore erotic dominance and submission.

Beyond Friction Sex: 2 Key Pleasure Pathways to Off the Charts Ecstasy


Sex expert Galen Fous has advice for men and their partners about what lies beyond the seven minute mark of every day sex.

Call for Anonymous Submissions


In an effort to encourage more men to write, the Marriage Section formally annouces a call for anonymous submissions.

Sexual Pain and Sexual Healing


Sexual pain is a common—and commonly misunderstood—burden, but there are proper ways of alleviating it. And they all involve a human touch.