My Journey Into the Spectrum; A Mother’s Visit to a Gay-Straight Alliance Meeting

rainbow mosiac

From supporting her just-out-of-the-closet son, to a group hug with a roomful of self-doubting teens, one mother’s quest to ease the pain of being different.

With Kids Expect the Unexpected: “Mom, Should I Masturbate?”

a surprise

How do you react when your kids ask the unexpected? Aleasa Word tackles the question of masturbation.

The Dream of an Inclusive Masculinity

Macho and Masculine Photo by muscle dominator

Jackson Bliss grew up in a world of fixed and simplistic gender roles. Only recently has he understood how complex masculinity truly is.

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are—-Again, and Again, and Again

You Will Not Muzzle Me photo by Elvert Barnes

After years of being asked “Are you gay?”, Billy Flood thinks he has finally come up with the perfect response.

Big Man on Campus

college life, BMOC, growing up, manhood, being a man, adulthood, protective masculinity, nurturing men, fag bashing, homophobia, fighting back, active bystanders, anti bullying, homophobic violence on campus, college students with learning disabilities, medically fragile boys

A fragile boy with learning disabilities transitions from home school to college.

Do You Know These 6 Elements That Your Sexuality is Made Of? (Video)


Hank Green explains the differences between sex, gender, romance, orientation and more.

Gay Israeli Culture from an Israeli’s Perspective


American travel writer Sophie Needelman meets an Israeli soldier who shows her the gay State of Israel.

Israel from an American Lesbian Perspective


The first in a two-part series, in which travel writer Sophie Needelman brings her identities as a West Coast American college student to the State of Israel, and begins to unpack.

The Gay Look


Being a gay man has everything to do with being a masculine man.

You’re Never Not What You Are


Young self-identified masters and dominants often have to fight for their identities BDSM spaces. Olivia Davis looks at why that’s wrong. In some ways, BDSM is a subculture of title and tradition. The rigid backbone of many kink organizations is Leather—regimented, highly organized Leather. Dating back to WWII vets desperately seeking military structure in their […]

In Defense of Demisexuality

Obviously, I am obsessed with sex and the politics of sex. I spend large chunks of my day staring at arguments about sex, kink, and gender. Equally immoderate chunks of my night are spent writing about those things. Sometimes, I even have sex. I think it’s serious business. But I have a dark, secret heart […]

“Bisexual men are treated as vectors of disease and ‘in-group traitors’ by heterosexuals and homosexuals.”


This is a comment by Mark on the post “Bisexual Men: 8/4″.

“The ‘bear community’ is where I finally got comfortable just being a big, strong, hairy, burly guy with a beard.”


This is comment by NCH on the post “Bear Pride”

Masculinity Olympics

Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 10.56.17 AM

HeatherN explains how masculinity and heterosexuality have traditionally been assumed to be one and the same in our society, and points to how this is changing.

Searching for a Unified Theory of Orgasm: Part Two


Clarisse Thorne had an orgasm once. Then, she couldn’t have another.

Searching for a Unified Theory of Orgasm


Clarisse Thorn searches her past experiences, physiology, and sexual preferences to shine light on what constitutes the female orgasm.