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Here’s why heteronormative may be a thing of the past sooner than we think…

Gay and Muslim in America

How one man navigates his Muslim faith and sexual orientation.

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What we see in other people is seldom as it appears, but what we see in ourselves may not be true either.

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Is There a Link Between Homosexuality and Pedophilia?

Though researchers settled this question decades ago, it’s still a popular talking point among religious conservatives.

Gay or Straight: 5 Ways Men Struggle With Their Masculinity

Are you with me, brother?

How Vocalizing Sexual Fluidity Exemplifies the Millennial Generation’s Courage

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Everything you need to know in a same-sex divorce, from child custody to medical decisions.

The Indiana State Line

Indiana politicians thought they were holding the line; instead, they crossed it.

What Is Gender?

A 1-minute video that explains the difference between gender and biological sex.

My Sexual Orientation Doesn’t Define Me

A person is more than a label. It doesn’t matter who labels them.

It Happens to Boys, Too

Anna Smith, Executive Director & Co-Founder of Restore One explains commercial sexual exploitation happens to boys, too.

Discarding the Labels and Embracing the Gray

Imagine being a person whose label and legal status change based on where you are, and may or may not match how you identify yourself.

An Old Man in a Blouse, At Market

In this convention-defying poem, Stephen Scott Whitaker reminds us that gender identity, sexual orientation, and clothing choice are not necessarily related.

Into the Light: On Men and Shame

GMP is having a site-wide conversation about men and shame. Read the stories here and consider sharing one of your own.

R. Kelly’s Son Jay Came Out As Trans, And His Mother Couldn’t Be More Supportive

The son of the infamous R&B singer has come out amidst intense media scrutiny. His mother has been by his side through it all.