Death Wish

Risky behavior in adolescent males ranges from self improvement to suicidal, but the reward is the same.

Fuzzy Bunny’s Guide To You-Know-What

Steve Coruzzi’s sex education was woefully incomplete.

Half the Men Who’ve Ever Lived Did Not Reproduce

Andy Bodle thought being a redhead would keep him a virgin forever, until Boris Becker won the 1985 Wimbledon and gave gingers a second chance.

The Gentlemen of Paradise

Carl Pettit finds the mating rituals of the male of the species, avian and human, comically and tragically similar.

How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex

Start early, and lay the groundwork at each age by answering kids’ questions about sex in developmentally appropriate ways.

Top Tips for New Dads (Part 1)

Heartfelt emotional—and waste-management—guidance for anyone lucky enough to have knocked up their special someone.

Sex Is the Word

Online news reports compete for our clicks with entertainment. Are we less well informed than ever?

His Right to Choose

When Jess Prominski asked her new partner his views on abortion in the event of unplanned pregnancy, she was surprised by his answer.

Changing Seasons Now; Snow, Soon

“We’ve talked about these eggs as if they are future children, and not just the possibility of future children.” Will Henderson writes in the journal he kept for his child-to-be.