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Get BOLD Today #GoodMenFriday: Breaking the Silence on Men and Trauma

LeGrande Green, host of Get BOLD Today podcast chats with Christopher Anderson, Executive Director of Male about breaking the silence on trauma.

No, Stop, and More: the Reality of Fear for A Mother’s Son

How do we separate our own fears from parenting realities? Malleable Mom Ashley Fuchs recounts teaching when no means no.   — I heard peals of laughter coming from the other room. I smiled, knowing the sound of my husband tickling our then three-year-old daughter. “No! STOP!” After a brief pause, the laughter continued. Then, it happened […]

Consent Beyond Sex: Why Physical Touch Is Not A Right

As a society, we must stress the importance of consent beyond sex. People across gender identities should be expected to ask permission in any instance involving physical touch.

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50 Shades of Abuse

To stop abuse before it starts, Elisabeth Corey says we need to start with the belief systems that perpetuate it.

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