3 Reasons Why Saying ‘Real Men Don’t Rape’ Reinforces Rape Culture


We’re propagating a dangerous met when we say “real men don’t rape.”

50 Shades of Abuse

50 shades by Andy Magee

To stop abuse before it starts, Elisabeth Corey says we need to start with the belief systems that perpetuate it.

How to Avoid Rape : New York Prison’s Powerful Welcome Video to New Inmates


Watch what convicts have to say to new inmates about sexual abuse. Shocking ?

We Are All on the Same Team


We have to look passed labels, appearances and perceived identities.

My Label as a Man Doesn’t Define Me


Christopher M. Anderson feels his identity as a man runs deeper than society’s definition of manhood.

Young Voices: a 14-Year-Old’s Look at Rape Culture

Young Voices by Chase Carter

At “nerd camp” this summer, 14-year-old Makena McElroy was asked how she would solve a public health issue with $10,000. She chose to take on rape culture.

Stop Thinking Like a Perpetrator: 4 Ways to Better Support Survivors of Sexual Violence


Jamie Utt shows us four important ways to abandon perpetrator logic and stop denying the pain of survivors.

Kicking the Extra Point: How the NFL Should Take a Stand in Preventing Violence Against Women

Kicking the Extra Point by Bradley Gordon

The Ray Rice story presents a perfect opportunity to stand up against domestic violence. Will the NFL go for it—or will they punt?

Including Men in Campus Outreach

reach out legends2k:Flickr

1in6 Intern and Student Activist Savannah Badalich discusses why it’s important to support male survivors on campus.

Top 10 Roadblocks Colleges Are Coming Up Against in the Fight to Prevent Sexual Assault

Detour sign

Is Your University’s Programming Complicit, Compliant, or Comprehensive?

George Will: Championing Male Paranoia, Ignorance, and the Status Quo

George Will

Roger Canaff refuses to accept George Will’s attempts to use one anecdote to dismiss the reality of every male or female survivor of sexual violence.

She Doesn’t Have to Be Your Wife, Sister or Mother To Stand Up For Her Right to Safety


Conrad Liveris is sick and tired of the ways our society minimizes violence against women.

Elliot Rodger: When Sexual Rejection Turns Deadly

AP Photo: Jae C. Hong

Jamila Rosdahl reminds us that no boy or man can ever uphold all requirements of masculinity.

Sexual Predators and the Targeting of Single Parents

photo by joan sorolla

Jayneen Sanders looks at sexual assault to children of single parents and ways to think about prevention.

The Tip of The Sexual Violence-Berg

harvard girl

This past week was a big week if you know anyone who’s ever been to or who is ever going to go to college in the United States of America.

Bravery in the Ivy League


Kyle Ashlee discusses the reality of discrimination at Dartmouth College and the importance of student activism in creating change at a school that is often thought to be perfect.