An Officer and a Gentleman

‘A man cannot be defined in one word,’ says Dana Delgardo, a transgender man who is finally living his life, his way.

Growing Pains: The Story of a Millennial, Queer, Vietnamese-American Man

For this 21 year-old man, the freedom to marry is still just a little less important than life, livelihood, finding a place where he feels at home.

It’s Not Natural? Nine Gay and Bisexual Animal Species Found in Nature

Think same-sex partnering and parenting is unique to humans? Not so much. Check out these love stories.

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The Art Provocateur Fela Kuti Who Used Sex and Politics to Confront

Nigerian superstar Fela Kuti used his music as an art form that provoked. This wasn’t only through politics, but also sex.

I Need Intimate Sex

I want to feel special too.

North Carolina and the Specter of the Predatory ‘Other’

By passing House Bill 2, its notorious so-called “transgender no bathroom” bill, the North Carolina legislature has played with fire by further stigmatizing and misdefining the state’s trans* residents.

Sexiness Is Next to Godliness

As someone who has lived inside and outside the church, I have found that sex is a key line of division.

How a Man Ended His Destructive Porn Addiction.

Breaking an addiction to porn can be for more than moral or religious reasons. It can greatly improve your mental health.

What Men Need to Know About a Woman Expressing Her Sexuality (Online or Not)

Women like to feel sexy, and often it has nothing to do with men.

Comment of the Day: ‘I was shamed and called unmanly’

Platonic touch can be fulfilling for some men.

Straight Guys, Here is Why Some Gay Guys Dread Meeting You

All of these problems are ripples of a larger problem, pressure on all men in patriarchal societies to define themselves with hypermasculinity.

Comment of the Day: ‘When are we going to take responsibility for our actions?’

Sexual abuse should not get the silent treatment.

The Long Way Around in Both Life and the Bedroom

How can something as simple as patience completely change a man’s sex life?

They Deserved So Much Better: Sexuality & Service Members in the 20th Century

As MI5 is voted Britain’s most “gay-friendly” employer, many are reflecting on Alan Turing and the many other service members persecuted for their sexuality.

The Dangerous Lies We Have To Stop Telling Boys about Sex

Our current culture is celebrating males having sex, regardless of their age, and this is putting boys at risk.