Sex on the Brain: Men and Women From Sexual to Sensual

Myth of Sexual Pursuit: the man must remain aroused and predatory and most of all be able to perform the ritual at a moments notice.

Reparative Therapy is Bad Medicine, Even if it ‘Works’

No data exists on whether reparative therapy for gender dysphoria works. One doctor, in a frightening supposition, believes we should try it on transgender people.

How Do You Define Cheating?

How you do know when your partner crosses that line, or when you do?

How I Stopped Hating Her for Dumping Me

Author Jay Cradeur shares 5 steps for transforming heartache and anger to love and compassion. It starts with saying three words you don’t want to hear.

5 Sexy Messages You Can Ping Him With

Cut the shallow Cosmo crap. Want to be make your man burn? Be real.

A Friendly Reminder of What Gender Transition is Not

Justin Hubbell puts into words (and pictures!) what so many are feeling. We believe this comic is helpful to anyone at any place along the gender spectrum. We think you’ll agree.

It Ain’t No Lie, Baby

Yes, I can be bi and in a monogamous relationship with a woman. No, I am not a unicorn. Daniel Crocker explains.

Will Technology Make Us Gender Neutral?

Is technology really what it will take to make all genders equal?

That “Old Time Religion” Isn’t As Old As You Think

Fundamentalist Christianity is a relatively new version of an old religion with an American twist.

From Men Dead Too Soon, The Suicide Notes

Young men choose death because they cannot live with the bullying, intolerance, and hate. They need to know there is hope.

The Questioning, Answered

Art, sexuality, and the natural world cohere powerfully in Laurie Kolp’s poem.

9 Ways You Know Your Sex Is Exceptional

Rather than some straight line to a destination, think of exceptional sex more like a pot of home-made soup and how it gets more flavorful, aromatic and nutritious with each added ingredient and spice.

Why I Won’t Teach Abstinence to My Son

My partner and I don’t see eye-to-eye on every parenting decision. But there is one parenting choice we completely agree on, and that is what to teach our son about sex.

How I Tamed My Social Anxiety… Through Sex Therapy

Who knows how many great opportunities we’ve missed because we’ve surrendered to our social anxiety. One man shares his unorthodox solution.

No, Sexual Abuse Doesn’t Turn People Gay

A common misconception about why people are gay is that they have been molested, but the numbers don’t add up.

Kim Davis and the Challenges of Civil Disobedience

Ariel Gordon discusses how you can be pro-gay rights and still question the ethics of Kim Davis’ civil disobedience.