The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Sex


We are programmed to fear our desires and treat them as alien invaders. So we create fetishized images and guilt.

The Male Gaze: What it’s Like to be Objectified in the Gay Community


As gay men, we need to become increasingly cognizant of how we perceive and treat one another within our own community.

What Do We Know About Pedophiles?

man in shadow

Pedophiles and child molesters can be found in every walk of life, but are they really one and the same?

How Vocalizing Sexual Fluidity Exemplifies the Millennial Generation’s Courage


The realizations of our own attractions come when people accept others’ ‘unconventional’ sexualities as normal. Open-mindedness is on the rise.

7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being a Man — Edgar Wilson


What do boys need to hear in order to become men? Edgar Wilson reflects on the things he didn’t know as a boy, but now is cautious and aware of as a man.

Differences Between Men and Women are More Than the Sum of Their Genes


The difference between men and women lies not in the number of their differing genes, but in what the genes do.

Male Sexuality Dysphoria


A man with sexual dysphoria is a heterosexual who desires women, but can’t stand them and can’t relate to them as human beings.

7 Ways To Maintain Your Masculinity When In A Relationship

How to avoid being whipped.

Owning your masculinity means being sensitive to your inner drives, including your femininity. Are you man enough to face this?

Dear Dad: The One With The Sex Question and the Appetizers


Frustrated by her sex life’s turn to routine, a reader asks ‘Dear Dad’ for advice on how to cook up some ideas to reignite the spark in her relationship.

Celebrating Sexuality With Renewed Respect

couple in bed together

Is sex all it’s cracked up to be? Maintaining a level of respect and honor around this part of life can help a lot.

Driving the Beast Away


R.G. Evans offers a poignant meditation on manhood, aging, and libido.

5 Questions to Ask Your Partner for Better Sex

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Jordan Gray says that sex doesn’t get talked about enough. Start with these five questions and your love life will improve overnight.

Why We Need To Stop Talking About Porn And Sex Addiction


Condemning porn and sex shames men ill-trained to create meaningful relationships as it prevents emotional growth.

There’s Only One Secret to Great Sex, Unlearn Everything


Sex gives us a chance to absorb new information, as we devote ourselves to our partner’s innermost needs.

Nice Guys Lead With Their Hearts

The contradictory journey of the nice guy between being who he truly is and becoming attractive.

WTF Is Puberty?

WTF Is Puberty by TomSka

TomSka tells you everything you need to know about puberty in 7 minutes.