4 Ways Dads Can Raise Stronger Girls

A chance comment in the toy store got Ty Phillips thinking about how our culture shames women and how he wants his daughters to grow up.

Why I See Fifty Shades Of Red

Kids and the sexual messages of Fifty Shades of Grey cannot mix. Adrianne Simeone shuts down the combination here.

Understanding Sexualization of Girls

What happens to girls when we sexualize them?

Do You Think Men Are Objectified in Movies?

Heather N argues that men are sexualized in movies based on what they do. Avern argues that even the perception of power and strength aren’t an indicator of character, and thus don’t make the images any less sexual. Do you agree?

My Yoko Ono Appreciation Life

Yoko Ono’s new menswear line breaks new ground in men’s fashion.

Living With Chin Envy

Eric Henney doesn’t like his chin, and he wants to talk about it.

Dancing, Sexualization and the Myth of Men Not Being Hot

My friend Summer, she who previously proposed the virginity thread, is rapidly becoming NSWATM’s leading provider of interesting post ideas. Lots of videos below the cut; skip if on a slow connection

Liking Penises Doesn’t Mean Envying Them

Any societal arguments for penis envy have dissolved in the 21st Century, Maria Pawlowska argues.

The Gender Pendulum

How the free market economy creates gender polarization.

The ARK Music Factory Has Ruined ‘Friday’ for Everyone

Newest (awful) YouTube music starlet Rebecca Black’s success represents a troubling new era of faux pop stars, stage parents, and child exploitation.

Men and the Sexualization of Young Girls

Encouraging princess culture—however innocently—contributes to the sexualization of girls. Men can be part of the solution to the “princess problem.”

Girls Are to Blame for Teen Sex (According to the PTC)

If we talk about how girls’ sex lives are portrayed, why don’t we pay at least a little bit of lip service to whether boys and young men are learning similar lessons from their primetime viewing?