Can Ya Dig It? ‘Shaft’ Meets ‘Mad Men’ in This Brilliant Blaxploitation Mashup

Imagine Richard Roundtree playing Don Draper, and you’ve got “Don-O-Mite,” a rad mad ad man who explodes stereotypes for breakfast.

The 4 Greatest Moments In Black Film History

These are the moments that blew us away in theaters, and changed society outside of them.

The Four Types of Men: Part I – The Warrior

Josh Bowman talks about The Warrior: a classic archetype of masculinity. This is the tough guy, the stoic soldier, the fierce competitor. But it isn’t all of us.

Ten things I've learned from watching Blacksploitation films

Note: I have been away from my blog for a bit, and I guess being busy is a sort of good reason for it, but really it comes down to writer’s block. I also really enjoyed having guestposts. Now it’s just me, and I am on vacation all of next week. But I vow that […]