Vice President Steps into the Stereotype Muck

shylock  BenedictFrancis:Flickr

The stereotype of the callous Jewish moneylender pops its head out of the Vice President’s mouth.

She’s Not the One

romance, true love, love at first sight

The relentless pursuit of ‘the one’ almost ruined every relationship I’ve ever had.

When I Realized I’d Never Be Romeo

My writing could be my voice.

Stephen Mills’ voice is unusual, and it’s affected his life in ways he never expected.

Soul Bites: Shakespeare’s Ghosts

shakespeares ghosts

They aren’t just stories: They’re good for your soul.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Having a Complete Education

Open Your mind Flickr

James Altucher has a cheat sheet for learning, and traditional schools are not on the list.

Cage of Mirrors: The Violent Solitude of Life in Solitary Confinement


Dant’e Cottingham, Inmate #259241, about his struggles and triumphs while being incarcerated.

I’m a Recovering Video Game Addict

Video Game Controller

Kevin Macku faces an addiction to something almost everyone indulges in at some point: video games.

Let’s Stop Blaming Disney


If adults are complaining that their lives are not fairy tales, we should all be very frightened.

The Wayward Crutch of Higher Education


The institutional financial cost of curiosity and life experimentation

Your Marriage Isn’t Typical


Sadly, our most common criticisms of marriage reveal much more about the critics than the state of contemporary romance.

Daddy Pick-Up


I am defined by what I love. That includes the ritual of getting my son from school.

Is Selling Your Name The Same As Selling Your Identity?

Hello_GMP (588x415)

What does it say about a person, when they are willing to sell even their last name for profit?

What Is a Good Man?


With quotes from friends and famous folks alike, Tom Matlack finds that defining goodness is not science, it’s art.

Improvisational Training Like Athletes

Basketball Wounds

We want to be consistently excellent on stage, but we are often afraid to do the work it takes to get to that level. I wonder what would happen if we trained for improv like athletes train for games.

The Proper Way To Share Your Junk


“You keep it classy, San Diego.” Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

The Grasshopper Life


To his old girlfriends, Robert Barsanti’s father would always be Romeo. But for Robert, Benito was Lear.