Taming of the Shrew is on Message at the Wild Project

A conversation about the Taming Of The Shrew and moving “toward the light”.

David Tennant, Stephen Colbert, and Shakespeare—Who is Who?

If Shakespeare wasn’t Shakespeare, would it matter?

Marx, Freud, Hitler, Mandela, Greer…Shakespeare Influenced Them All

Even if you’ve never read or seen any of Shakespeare’s works, his influence has touched your life.

And Now: Shakespeare as Performed by Actors Eating Chillis!

Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

By Looking Within, Men Can Overcome Their Fears

Do you only want to dream or truly wake up?

How Courtship and Marriage Have Changed Over Time

How has the journey from courtship to marriage changed within the last 100 years and how has this been reflected in their wedding and lifestyle choices?

When Writing a Biography, Should any Part be Off Limits?

Nigel Hamilton on discussing the life of Ted Hughes.

How Important Is Romancing Your Partner On Valentine’s Day?

From Chaucer to Shakespeare to modern researchers, Steven Lake explores the romantic gesture and Valentine’s Day. Forget it at your peril!

What’s On Your To Be List?

Theresa Byrne asks you to ditch a yearly goals or to do list, and add a “To Be” list? — The fun thing about being a grown up is that we get to make up our own rules.  While I’ve spent a lot of time in the past creating lists of goals, business objectives, outcomes, and plans then […]

Tom Hiddleston Has an Affinity for Roles That are Squarely Inside the Man-Box

Our culture pressures men who think they are “supposed” to be a certain way in order to be a “real man.” And some of the best actors of our times play those roles brilliantly.

Double, Double, Toil, And Trouble? The Surprising Truth About The Real Macbeth

Macbeth: I’m not all bad. Honest.

You’re A Better Cook Than You Think

A millennial’s reflections on his first year in the kitchen and a culinary call-to-arms

Why a Life With Pain Means a Life With Greatness

Lancelot Kirby believes pain is a gift and leads to greater joy, deeper thought, and a more fulfilling life.

Romeo: The Ultimate Good Man Hoax

Jessica Lahitou on some of the pervading notions on a romantic, ideal man, and how they surface and can be explained in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the classic “Romeo and Juliet”.

Comic Review: Cassius Issue#1

Alex Yarde reviews an epic retelling of Julius Cesar featuring lesbian female characters!

Vice President Steps into the Stereotype Muck

The stereotype of the callous Jewish moneylender pops its head out of the Vice President’s mouth.