Why It’s Tough Being a Man

What happens when you have a fear of expressing emotions, and hide your embarrassment and shame?

Stop Blaming the Alcoholic

What I’ve learned from being my brother’s health advocate in a system filled with more stigma than compassion.

Why Men Hate Asking for Relationship Help

Men never ask for directions.

‘I Thought I Was Incapable of This Behavior’ and Other Lessons from Stanford Cases

Facing the regret, guilt, and part of us we didn’t know was there can start to make us better men.

A Day in the Life of My (Past) Depression

I looked happy, but inside I was falling apart.

Can You Learn to Embrace Failure?

Theresa Byrne asks you to look at failure as feedback and learn to embrace it.

A Brief History of Me and My Buddy—Post-‘Sex-Purity’ Culture

Raised to believe that the desires of his flesh would lead him astray, he finally learned to show guilt, and Jesus, the door.

It’s Not Always Depression, Sometimes It’s Shame

When a seemingly depressed person doesn’t respond to traditional treatments, perhaps the root of his anguish is something else.

This Should Not Be The Butt of Our Jokes

Premature Ejaculation: It’s not funny. Not to anyone.

Working One Off

TASK #17: Working One Off Sex is an emotion in motion   Mae West Men like to masturbate. It’s a fact. Masturbation is a solitary, useful, fun and engaging activity. There are many colorful phrases to describe the act, but the one I prefer is the one I learned growing up in Ohio: Working one off. […]

It Happens to Men, Too

Women are the victims, and men are the aggressors. At least that’s how the story is usually told. But men can be victims too.

How ‘Mad Men’ and Don Draper Helped Us Understand Trauma and Shame

A mental health consultant for the hit AMC series probes the psychology of the flawed protagonist.

Comment of the Day: ‘Shame is much greater than guilt’

Comment of the Day: ‘Shame is much greater than guilt’

It’s Okay for Boys to Cry

Why we should raise emotionally healthy men.

Men Without Makeup

Sean Swaby asks, should mature men wear mascara?

Confessions of a Conversion Therapy Survivor

I’ve spent so much of my life trying to be like everyone else, I sometimes wonder who I really am or who I would have been if it were not for decades of rehearsing to be a different character.