His Hands are Rough

The sandpaper roughness in his hands has spread to his voice box, and it’s sometimes hard for others to know what he’s saying. It’s sometimes hard for even him to know what he’s saying.

How to Give Someone Bad News

The experts at Wellcast share tips on how to break bad news to family members, friends, and co-workers.

My Disabilities Do Not Define Me. I Am Jim.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) allowed access to special education for people with disabilities.

Embracing Shared Custody: How to Manage When Your Kids Are With Dad

A divorced parent is rarely totally comfortable with their children gone, but it’s good for kids to be with both mom and dad. Karen Becker helps moms let go.

How to Share What Hurts

To claim your story and live an honest life, you have to share your pain.

Common Ground Is Sacred Ground

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The 1950’s Man In Me: Part 2

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Are You Raising Resilient Kids?

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Can Tattoos Help College Men Talk About Themselves?

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5 Things She Wants From You But Might Not Tell You

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Comment of the Day: “If he does make tentative steps toward that then recognize that effort…”

Encouraging openness is important. Not berating a lack of perfection is, too.

An Ex-Marine Father’s Touching Response To His Son’s Coming Out Letter

Sometimes the hardest part of coming out out is the waiting for, “What now?”. Jack Freedman shares what happened when he told his tough, ex-marine father.

One Thing You Need to Know Before Taking Your Dreams Public

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” Don’t expect a guy to be your girlfriend…”

How To Listen So That Men Will Keep Talking

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Good Guy You Learned in the Sandbox

James Stafford learned the secret to being a good citizen as a little boy. You probably did, too.

This 14-Year-Old Boy’s Mission Is To Help Kids Everywhere Play The Game Of Soccer (Video)

An American teenager wants to change the world with his two passions, soccer and giving.