Why Shave if You Don’t Have to


A fresh line up on my beard brings extra confidence every time I look into the mirror.

Do You Honor Your Precious Skin?


Learning to shave later in life, and why a man must teach his sons.

How Shaving Can Make You Invincible


The magic of a close shave makes you feel lighter, like when you were a carefree kid.

Scraping the Fur Off Our Faces: Shaving Reveals A Lot about Our Identity


Choosing to shave (or not) can be a symbol of starting over, rebellion, or freedom.

Lessons in Facial Hair


Jason White on comparing his facial hair to his father’s, and the lessons he learned about masculinity.

How Shaving Can Be an Exercise in Reducing Our Environmental Impact


After becoming a self-professed environmentalist at 20, Vinodh Valluri changed his shaving habits so he could feel more accountable to the planet.

Call for Submissions: Scraping the Fur off Your Face


Calling all guys who shave, we want your stories!

Oh You Bearded Wonder, You!

Oh You Bearded by istolethetv

Adiba Nelson says go ahead and lose the hipsters. But please, keep the beard.

The Wonders of Being Bearded


Matthew Rozsa offers a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the wonders of having a beard.

For Men Who Don’t Want to Commit Sandpaper on Their Woman: Proraso Shave Cream

Check out the product on Amazon.

Jesse Kornbluth on a shaving product perfect for you.

My Son’s Voice Changed Today

Shaving Cream

There’s nothing quite like a good short poem to punch you in the gut. Joshua Wood’s piece does just that.

friday evening with your approaching facial hair and my nervous fingers


Aimee Herman takes a queer look at what has become a common rite of passage for young men.

Top 5 Grooming Mistakes Men Make


Frederick J. Goodall shares a few tips to keep the fellas looking snappy.

Shaving in the Trenches

straight razor Wikimedia Commons

How did soldiers maintain a shaving and grooming regime in the Great War?

Beards and Masculinity in History

Beard AP:File

Are beards more Popular than ever? What does the answer tell us about today’s men?

Becoming a Beard Mentor

Becoming Beard Mentor photo by giammi

Aaron W. Voyles looks at bearding tips and bonding for college men.