My Mom is Also My Dad

My mom is the one who is always there for me, who taught me the things a dad might. And for that reason, I celebrate her on Father’s Day.

Splash it All Over: A Brief History of Aftershave

The vast history of the aftershave procedure.

Gillette Fusion Proshield And My Baby Face

Gillette Fusion Proshield is the latest five-blade razor in the Gillette line of products. I tried it out on my face and it was glorious.

Innovation and Shaving According to History

Shaving has a much more interesting history than you may think.

Is Your Beard a Woman Magnet or a Health Hazard?

If you’re clean-shaven and want to up your hot quotient, a week’s worth of stubble will do you a world of good.

The Shawshave Reflection

NO… SHAVE… ‘TILL DECEMBER! Our Mo Bros continue to grow their luxurious facial hair in honor of raising awareness for men’s health issues worldwide!

Helping Redefine What it Means to be a Man

Jeremy Wiggins has a shave and talks about what it means to be a man – and human – in this world.

Keep-It-Simple Style: 5 Ways for Everyday Guys to Stay Cool and Smooth

Style tips don’t have to be complicated, in fact looking cool (and staying cool) can be easy. Especially with the help of the BIC Flex5 razor and Wai Sallas. #SmoothUp

This is Why You Hate Shaving

Patrick Coddou has found a way to help men shave the right way.

Why Shave if You Don’t Have to

A fresh line up on my beard brings extra confidence every time I look into the mirror.

Do You Honor Your Precious Skin?

Learning to shave later in life, and why a man must teach his sons.

How Shaving Can Make You Invincible

The magic of a close shave makes you feel lighter, like when you were a carefree kid.

Scraping the Fur Off Our Faces: Shaving Reveals A Lot about Our Identity

Choosing to shave (or not) can be a symbol of starting over, rebellion, or freedom.

Lessons in Facial Hair

Jason White on comparing his facial hair to his father’s, and the lessons he learned about masculinity.

How Shaving Can Be an Exercise in Reducing Our Environmental Impact

After becoming a self-professed environmentalist at 20, Vinodh Valluri changed his shaving habits so he could feel more accountable to the planet.

Call for Submissions: Scraping the Fur off Your Face

Calling all guys who shave, we want your stories!