When Is Casual Sex Too Casual?

Dating is hard. Eli and Josie want to make it easier for you to get back in the game, with a little help from Hulu’s new show, Casual.

I Want to Start Dating, But I Don’t Know How

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Am I Jealous, or Genuinely Concerned?

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Help! My Boyfriend Wants to Wait Until Marriage for Sex!

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I’m In Love With My Friend… But She Has a Boyfriend

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My Girlfriend Denies Facebook-Stalking Her Ex

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How Should I Handle a Rape That Happened in My Poly-Quad Relationship?

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My Wife is Attracted to Black Guys, and I’m White

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My Wife Is My Best Friend… Now, How Do I Make Her My Lover?

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He Doesn’t Believe That I Love Him

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Should I Let My Wife Hook Up With Another Guy?

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I’m in Love With a Married Redneck

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Twenty Years Down the (Shower) Drain?

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I’m Not Worthy of Her

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Rough Times With My Hairy Girlfriend

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My Girlfriend Blacked Out, Then Dumped Me

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