How Fear and Shame Are Killing The Modern Man

If you can’t handle your s**t, can’t keep it together, then you aren’t a real man….right?

Certainty of Shit vs. the Bliss of Uncertainty

Here’s how you can live on the “edge of your fear” and have a life others are afraid to even dream about…

The Proper Use of Profanity

A basic guide to the correct use of English profanity.

The Morning I Sh*t Myself

When you gotta go, sometimes you still don’t go.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

There is tons more good shit coming soon…   It’s been a busy, busy week for me.   I moved my desk into our guest room upstairs and made myself a crappy little office, then I got all jacked up on Tim Horton’s & Mountain Dew, listened to Nine Inch Nails and wrote like a mo-fo.  […]

Scared Sh*tless

I gave my son such a start that he crapped himself. That’s right. I’m a father who has literally scared the shit out of his son.

My Own Worst Enemy

It’s no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy ‘Cause every now and then I kick the living shit out of me Lit I like myself.  Not in a boastful way.  I don’t puff my chest out and say, “Look at me!  I’m the shit, yo!!!”  I do say ‘yo” a lot, but […]