4 Emotions You’ll Have Before Your Daughter’s First Dance

Tor Constantino shares a father’s heart regarding a rite of passage for his oldest. Last week my oldest daughter successfully completed 8th grade and proudly declared, “Yeah, now I’m a high schooler.” In all honesty the looming specter of high school palls in comparison to what I felt two weeks ago regarding her first formal […]

10 Things You’ll Probably Never Hear Your Wife or Girlfriend Say …

For any guy in a long-term relationship, Tor Constantino shares a list of things you can safely NOT expect to hear.

The 10 Scariest Kid’s Clothes Items for Dads and Moms

They warn you about all sorts of things when you become a parent, but often leave out the biggest hurdle: dressing your child. The Sunshine Dad, Mike Smith, offers you the list of 10 things that should make you afraid. Very afraid.

This Man’s Shoes

Click bait fashion articles make Dr. Kwame M. Brown gaze at his shoes.

Feet Forward: What One Man is doing to Help Save the Planet

With research showing that the production of one pair of sneakers emits 30 pounds of carbon dioxide, one man urges consumers to kick the habit of new shoe hoarding & tossing.

Shoes May Not Make the Man, But They Sure Make the Outfit

Shoes from Stacy Adams A part of the pop culture for 100 years. And a part of men’s style now. Sponsored by Stacy Adams.

Dear John: My Boyfriend Overshares Our Intimate Details

A boyfriend disclosing personal encounters, disciplining someone’s child over a cell phone, and unprofessional prevalence of flip-flops.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: The Slut Walk for Men

Donald D’Haene brings us the origin of the word “slut,” as well as his support of the White Ribbon Campaign raising awareness of violence against women.

My Preppy Drag Queen Manhood

“So unmanly, it proves my manhood.”

Culture: Vader Adidas!

The force is strong with the new Star Wars inspired Adidas Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Check out the pics! Which ones would you sport?