Pray for Newtown: Trying to See the Light


Michael Kasdan reflects on the Sandy Hook school shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut two years ago.



David Eye’s poem of shooting involves both literal and metaphorical guns.

“Forgiveness is the Path to Healing, but is it Enough?”

Broken Heart

From One Dad Who Lost a Child to Another: A Message to Richard Martinez About Honor

From One Dad Who Lost a Child to Another: A Message to Richard Martinez About Honor


Dr. Ken Druck wants the dad who lost his son in the Santa Barbara shooting to know that love and compassion are the path to healing.

Reaching out to the “Elliots” of the world

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Danny writes a letter to Elliot Rodger in hopes that someone else might see themselves in that situation and get the help they need.

Why I Don’t Want to Write About the Santa Barbara Shooting

roses photo by Greta Ceresini

Joanna Schroeder isn’t surprised by the horrific, devastating mass murder just outside the campus of UCSB last night.

A School, A Gun, and a Generation’s Burden

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Brian Shea reflects on violence in schools vs. his memories of years ago. And calls upon a new generation to find their own way.

She Lost Her Husband to Alzheimer’s and then to a Gunshot

ronald westbrook

Confused, retired Lt. Colonel Ronald Johnson knocked on the wrong door one early morning.

Trick Shot Titus Video: This Kid is Freaking Amazing

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You might be smarter than a 5th grader, but can you make more baskets than a toddler? Not if that toddler is Trick Shot Titus!

A Shot Goes Off and I Don’t Care

AP Photo Westgate Mall

Larry D. Bernstein feels an unnatural sense of not-caredness about the latest public shooting, even though it happened five minutes from his house. And he wonders why.

When Gun Violence Hits Home

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Lorenzo Doss was shot with a gun years ago. Was the same thing about to happen to his son?

No One Killed, Because of Kindness: A Case for Compassion


What happens when violence is not met with violence, but with understanding?

Zimmerman Found Not Guilty


Evidently Florida law protects defending yourself against a person you attacked.

A Murder of Crows

guns, shooting, killing animals, California schools, teens and violence

A video game playing high school senior gets handed a real gun.

Gabby Giffords’s Emotional Gun Control Op-Ed Goes Viral


Giffords’ strong words for the politicians have gone viral. What do you think?

Protest of Questionable Police Shooting Turns Violent in Brooklyn


Another black teenage boy shot dead, but this time, the vigil gives way to violence.