What Do I Tell My LGBT Teens After the Orlando Shootings?

Yes, there are people who hate others that have opposing lifestyles. But there are plenty of people in the world who care and support differences.

A Memorial Tribute to My Brothers and Sisters in Orlando

I never met the good people who were shot in the Pulse Club in Orlando, but I feel I know them somehow. Their injuries and their passing hit me like the death of old trusted friends whose loss to me is palpable.

In Defense of Driftwood

Peter LaBerge’s poem resonates painfully with the Orlando shooting and with the broader culture of LGBTQ victimization which enabled it.

Call for Submissions: The Intersectionality of Violence at the Heart of Today’s Tragedy

The aftermath of the shooting at a gay club in Orlando is reverberating across the issues of hate crimes, LGBT rights, politics, gun control, how we define terrorism, how we talk about these issues and what actions we take. Please join us—few things are more important than this.

An Orlando Theatre Professor Shares His Thoughts on the Pulse Nightclub Tragedy

After a successful show at Valencia College, John DiDonna and his cast went home. He heard some in his audience headed do Pulse along with many Orlando community members.

The Critical Importance of Gun Safety

A man learns about gun safety from his girlfriend, who introduced him to guns.

Shooting Silhouettes

U.S. Army veteran Dwight Gray writes of fear and bravado on the shooting range.

#SanBernardino: What Can Be Done To Finally End Mass Shootings?

This morning’s carnage in California offers yet another sad reminder that current solutions are not working.

Free Speech Is No Excuse For Muslim-Baiting

Condemning the inexcusable violence committed by the shooters in Garland, France and Denmark doesn’t stop us from questioning the justification for the cartoon contest and subsequent exhibit. Are they not simply provocations of a minority by the majority

What Is Good? Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project

There’s bad news. There’s good news. And then there’s the kind of conversation we have here on The Good Men Project.

Remembering Reverend Clementa Pickney

A letter to one of the nine lost in Charleston.

Terrorism in Charleston: It’s About Racism, Stupid!

Warren Blumenfeld calls out the situation in Charleston for exactly what it is.

The Gift of the Father and Other Stories: Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project

A conference call covers the speed at which change occurs, the events in Charleston, the importance of fathers, and more.

Maybe Don’t Post My Picture

A poem about taking away the glory that the killers in this country seek.

Pray for Newtown: Trying to See the Light

Michael Kasdan reflects on the Sandy Hook school shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut two years ago.


David Eye’s poem of shooting involves both literal and metaphorical guns.