El León, “The Closer”

Hero or goat, The Closer holds fans’ hearts in his hand.

Why I Write – There’s a Story Inside All of Us

To have and to hold, every moment of living, in every corner of the world. Journals, poems, blogs, for Michael Kasdan, they’re all portals to a new world, and a new experience.

Ft. Monroe Officer’s Club

John Tinseth remembers the first older woman who caught his eye, and the first time he made his father laugh.

Into the Wilderness of Parenting

In his latest story collection, writer David Ebenbach plumbs the depths of parenthood

The Mommydaddy: I’m Having a Baby…By Myself!

In Christie Chapman’s latest story, a pregnant man reflects on the unexpected gift of life.

The Bad Man Project

“He wondered if the reason he felt momentarily complete during coital orgasm was that he had convinced himself that he was once again inside the womb.”

The Day I Was Mickey Mouse

“I was Mickey Mouse, but just for one day. Not because I’m good with kids, but because I fit the suit.”

You’re So Vain, You Probably Wrote This Story About You

What if I told you that the stories you create are more about you than they are about anyone else?

Seven Sweet Little Stories About Malls, Capsule Hotels, Rodeos, and Debarking the Dog

At Hotel Shinjuku 510 in Tokyo, a man who sleeps in a tiny capsule, six and a half feet long by five feet wide, said, “You get used to it.”

On Marriage: The Great Husband Tryouts

The old gals were all married. There were online photos albums attesting to this fact. Some of them even had babies!

100 Acts of Male Goodness

How do you know who is a good man? By his acts.

She Mesmerized Me By Standing There

She Mesmerized Me By Standing There

Two drawings against a wall seriously several media mostly camera.

First Nirvana, Then Heat

must punt on 4th down.  Must leave soon.  Go drink coffee with the boys.  Go Trader Joe’s.  pick up something for my brother’s birthday.  Nice desert.  Birthday card.  Ate black beans yesterday started fire in kitchen pan in flames I cool say WTF, God?  Flames go down lucky kicky kick luck.  God everywhere I know.  […]

You Do Elephant ??

You Do Elephant  ??   Who do love inch  ??  Say Confuse  ??   Whereby Whereby Dink Donk another girl get Out your bicycles mad ass her ass In sandals  I Suck tea examining her coffee, Around, the blank  Who say what  ?? Who say  ??  Another confused critic I, I I, I I.  the no-choice […]

Uh Oh Sulfur

Uh Oh Sulfur I couldn’t tell whether the sulfur smell was coming from the air conditioning of my car, or from her perfume.  Then I thought maybe the smell wasn’t her perfume or the car.  I thought maybe it was her sweat mixed sadistically like a witch’s brew with some God-awful women’s deodorant in her […]

chapter 3 of a novel i started

Chapter 3 We were in downtown Istanbul, spies pinging all among whores and prostitutes for 29.95.  I had one, maybe two; the government frowns upon federal fornication in Istanbul. Still don’t have a plot.  Maybe a murder mystery.  Fuck this spy shit.  I’m all baked potato and the sun has not yet risen like as […]