Serifs and Sunrises: A Lesson in Fatherhood and Legacy

Legacy—like the right font in the script of our daily lives—is intrinsic in the way a father guides his children.

On Guns, Mental Illness and Addictions (Bulling Through)

Tim Lineaweaver gives an unflinching look at guns, PTSD, and addictions and one man’s struggles with the same.

I Grew Up With Guns, Then I Was Held Hostage With One

Haley Elkins didn’t fight then, but she’s going to fight now.

Frequent Fliers

“Folks, this is your captain. Kindly take your seats. I illuminated that fasten seat-belt sign. In a few minutes, me and my girl will be shaking us out some rough old turbulence.” By Matthew Pitt


When my sisters and I were kids, there was no more heated battle than who got to ride in the front seat on the way to school. Being the oldest, I felt this provided me an unspoken entitlement to the position. Nope. Our dad left it to whoever called it first.