How This Sixty-Two-Year-Old Man Became a Young Mom


“Our shared experience of vulnerability erases the age and gender differences between the young mothers and me.”

5 Reasons Your Brother Is a Freakin’ Gift


Having a brother isn’t luck. It’s winning the lottery.

14 Ways Growing Up With Brothers Makes You A Stronger Woman

brother and sisters

Brothers really can be a girl’s best friends, and can prepare them for the best of everything in life.

5 Unexpected Lessons About Grief From the Deaths of My Parents


Tor Constantino shares insights learned about grief while coping with the loss of his parents.

16 Ways Growing Up With a Sister Makes You an All Around Better Man


Thanks to her, you have a better understanding of women in general.

How To Respond When A Child Wants To Live With The Other Parent


Generally, custody and residency decisions are better left up to parents. But at times, parents may be swayed by their children’s preferences.

The Blessings of a Brother With Down Syndrome


Meghan Masterson is proud to be John’s little sister, and the fact that he has Down Syndrome allows her opportunities to be part of his daily life.

Why I Parent Each of Our Kids Differently


Kids aren’t cut from the same cloth even when they share DNA, helping them fulfill their promise means adapting your parenting to match their needs.

From Siblings to Rivals – Why Parents Should Stop the Violence

kids fighting

It may be natural for kids to fight while they’re growing up. But it’s only healthy if they learn to do it right.

My Big Brother

my big brother

What would life be like if your brother was an actual giant?

Johnny’s Father


Stephen Mead offers up a short, powerful piece on someone else’s father–a father who is as memorable as he is flawed.

Desperate Measures


Using images of war, Steven Riel writes on a rivalry between brothers…and the ensuing fallout.

Best Birthday Surprise: A Brother Returns Home

Hey Sister, I'll come back from Guatemala

Nicolas makes a surprise come-back from 19 month trip to celebrate his sister’s birthday. Beautiful.

You Probably Don’t Practice the Most Important Skill in Life

handshake, social, connection, statue, social excellence, social animal,

You are a SOCIAL animal. So why accept social mediocrity?

How Your Bitter Divorce Broke Us Children

anger, fist, water, hate, rage

Divorce can be amicable or ugly, and what happens to the children can last a lifetime.

I Lost My Brother When I Had Kids: When Siblings Disappear

I Lost My Brother When I Had Kids: When Siblings Disappear

Chris Bernholdt thought that having kids would only make his family bigger. That wasn’t the case.