Guys, Are You Really Listening?


Jonathan Delavan discusses the one thing that keeps anyone from simply and truly listening to someone else. — What does it take to listen? A question that has been answered for years now; and yet the question remains for many people who find cliché answers unsatisfactory or inapplicable to real life. I struggled with this […]

A Quick, Simple, Lasting Fix for Your Marriage (as Long as You Keep Doing It)

Screen shot 2015-07-01 at 11.10.59 AM

No tech gadget or TV show will ever replace this … so stop neglecting it!

Breaking Free of Silence and Shame

I Am a Survivor by Kathleen Christiansen

Dani Bostick breaks free of the silence and shame that surround sexual abuse.

An Exploration of Male Grief

An Exploration by Martin

Raoul Wieland takes a look at male grief through the lens of close reading.

Staying Alive in “Post-Racial America”


Thaddeus Howze shouldn’t have to share these 10 tips on how to stay alive as a man of color.

They Tried to Take My Voice, I Took It Back


As a male survivor of sexual assault, Tim Mousseau followed a pattern of staying silent—until he took back his own voice.

When You’re the Couple at the Restaurant Not Talking

couple not talking

You didn’t just run out of things to say. Richard Gatley has some guidance for how to start talking again.

A Dad Reflects On Who the Real Bullies Are and When to Stand Up to Them


Sean O’Donnell examines who the real bullies are, and then asks himself whether he has done enough to stand up to them.

3 Feelings We Need to Embrace More if We Want to Change the World

3 Feelings by Thomas Fiffer

Patrick Sallee looks at where we need to improve ourselves if we want to make a difference.

In Praise of Snow and Anarchy


Why it’s good when the city shuts down.

Breaking The Silence


Talking is part of the healing process.

Most of What is Written is Simply Grief


This poem from Todd Davis is a prime example of the power of the unspoken, the understated.

7 Tips To Using Your Phone On Public Transportation Without Being That Jerk Everyone Hates


Please don’t be that person.

Paring Down


When we need a mindfulness bell to bring us back to the essentials, paring down is that bell for Leo Babauta. Here’s how.

The Space Between Lifts

The Space between Lifts photo by jessa9

Aaron W. Voyles looks at how masculine activities like weight lifting provide opportunities for college men to be vulnerable.

Racism and Sexual Abuse: Our Silence is Killing Us


Chris Anderson knows it’s scary to talk about tough subjects like racism or sexual abuse. But in calling them out, we start disrupting their systems.