The Many Lessons of Andy Grove

There are few men as influential and multi-talented as Andy Grove.

Why Men Are Overworked, Stressed, and Burnt Out (and How to Break the Cycle)

The work/life balance shouldn’t seem like an illusion! Here’s how to strike that balance.

Tens of Thousands Affected by Displacement in Silicon Valley

Tens of thousands of low-income seniors, people with disabilities, and working people are being forced out of their Silicon Valley homes.

Silicon Valley Boom Leads to Sex Bust

See why so many bright people are having such a hard time finding true intimacy and how you can avoid the same fate…

The Other Side Of Startups: Why It’s Not All T-Shirts And Rainbows

While there may be similarities, not all “startup founders” are the same. Here’s why.

The Problem With Ballot Initiatives

The recent proposal to split California into six states shows the problem with ballot initiatives as a means of shaping public policy.

HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Takes on Bromance in Binary

Will HBO’s new sitcom escape the two dimensional man traps of ‘Entourage’ and ‘Mad Men’? Argun Ulgen wonders.

Dear Mr. Perkins: It’s Not Kristallnacht

Rick Mandler breaks down the absurdity of Tom Perkins’ comparison of persecution of the 1% to Nazi anti-semitism.

Brogramming: Sex & Sexism in Tech

“Brogramming” culture is real, and is really bad for men, women, and business in general. Alyssa Royse explains why, blow by blow.

This Is Rage 9: Show Me Your Bulls

Internet Radio phenomenon Kimo Balthazer is up to his tricks again, posting on his site: Bad News: EnvisionInk Does Not Seem to Want Choy & Finkelman Back, Good News: Here is a Picture of Ben & Jerry, Zoom & Spread Viral

This Is Rage 8: If There Were Rules Who Would Listen?

Kimo Balthazer’s internet radio show, This Is Rage, has two very special guests on air today — Ben and Jerry, the two kidnappers trying to negotiate the deal of a lifetime.

This Is Rage 7: The House Checks and Raises

This is how CEO’s bicker: “Surely your plan can’t be that easy,” says Choy. “Compared to being shot dead in the next two hours, I’d call it a plan worth trying,” replied Finkelman.

This Is Rage 5: No Such Thing as CEO School

Being a CEO of a major corporation is an almost impossible job. When your kidnappers have to call into your Board of Directors meeting on your behalf, it’s just another day at the office.

This Is Rage 3: Never Bet Against the Bozos

Hoodie One had a name, it was Dennis Swerlow. Hoodie Two had one as well, it was Sam Kisinski. Together they had to decide what to do with a botched kidnapping and two hostages.

This Is Rage 1: In Tres Partes Divisa Est

“Silicon Valley parties are notoriously dour.” So begins This is Rage. We will be serializing the book, chapter by chapter. This is chapter one.

Startup America Needs to Look More Like America

Kalimah Priforce wonders: where are the startups of color?