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“Elspeth Howell was a sinner.” By James Scott

Call The (Gender) Police!


Brynn Tannehill is tired of people using gender expression as a ground for personal judgment. It’s time for things to change.

I’m Tired Of Having To Fix, Learn, And Improve All The F**king Time. When Does It Stop?

Give me a break.

Steven Lake is at the end of his rope. Or is it the beginning of a new way of being?

A Manly Walk Away from Sin

Tone Bennett

Faced with temptation, one young minister remembers his parent’s voice, and his promise to live holy.

When Bad Men Do Good Things

Katherine Sandoz, when bad men do good things, evil that men do, men's rights

Can people be so tainted that even when they do a good deed, it somehow isn’t?

Beer and Jesus

Beer Trio

Before judging other’s lifestyle in accordance to their beliefs, take a look into your own. Perhaps you’ll see something that wasn’t there before. Cheers!

Stolen: A Letter from a Prisoner Serving Life without Parole

prison life, life without parole, regret, sin, evil, humanity

Spoon Jackson does not define himself as a murderer, but by what he has done in the days since. How do you see him?

All Is Forgiven

fate of hypocrites, political hypocrites, religious hypocrisy, love thy neighbor, forgiving hate

There’s a difference between true forgiveness and turning a blind eye.

Hell and the Love of God (Pt. 1 of 2)


If God can’t expiate sin without our participation in asking for that forgiveness, then God is weak. If, instead, God chooses not to forgive sin unless we ask for it, opting instead to let us suffer for all eternity because of our mistakes, then God is not loving.

Hurt People Hurt People: Infidelity and Self-Deception

fingers pointing

‘Hurt people hurt people’ explains, but does not pardon, the damage done by those who cheat on their partners.

Kicked Out of Sunday School


As a child, Carl Pettit didn’t believe in God, and was sure he’d go to Hell for his disbelief.

Prizefighters and Poppas


What does the life deliberately and well lived look like?

Fierce Resistance


Why do we continue to blame the victims of sexual assault?

Your Wedding, Your Life


The greatest threat to marital peace is a set of unrealistic expectations, demands which may reach an early climax in the wedding ceremony.

Dear John: A Rocky Transition From Girlfriend To Friend


Dear John addresses a clingy ex, a son who joined the Marines, and a Christian’s view of “hating the sin but loving the sinner”.

Are State Lotteries a Good Idea?


Brandon Ferdig wonders whether his state of Minnesota should gamble on its citizens’ susceptibility.