Minister Makes Prison Reform his Mission

Minister makes his mission prison reform pol sifter/Flickr

Hans Hallundbaek helps ex-felons re-enter society while raising vital questions about the prison system.

HLN: Julio Medina Giving Back to Inmates at Sing Sing (VIDEO)

julio medina

How one ex-inmate is helping others have a second chance at life.

What Is Good?

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Goodness is a thing that we each have to define for ourselves and set out for with an open mind and a strong heart.

This Much I Know To Be True

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Despite the fact that manhood has become a third rail of modern society, I refuse to stop talking about it.

Why Our Boys Need The Good Men Project

belmont hill

We need to love our boys so they learn the power of their own love as husbands, fathers and men.

What Is a Good Man?


With quotes from friends and famous folks alike, Tom Matlack finds that defining goodness is not science, it’s art.

Is it Time For a Woman President?

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Tom Matlack looks at the mess we’ve made of American politics and wonders if it isn’t time to step aside and elect a female president.

Shootings, Manhood and Tragedy

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Tom Matlack wonders what would make a teenage boy go into a school cafeteria and blow away three innocent kids he barely knew.

I’ve Been to Sing Sing. Have you?


Can inmates join the movement towards becoming good men?

#19: Sing Sing


“Why did he go back into the dungeon where he had experienced such suffering?”

MLK Day Question: Does Jim Crow Still Exist?


How do we try to explain “Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindnes”?

25 Years Up From Bottom

photo by danterzian

Lili Bee interviews a violent offender just released from Sing Sing, and talks about remorse, learning to see consequences, restorative justice, and goodness.

Blood Spattered


An excerpt from The Good Men Project book: Julio Medina’s story.

Helping Ex-Convicts Reintegrate

Julio Medina

Good Men Project contributor Juilo Medina knows how hard it is for an ex-convict to get work. He was one.

Masking Our Powers


We are all flawed, but lurking within our humanity is heroism.

‘Can We Tell It Like It Really Happened?’: On Race and ‘The Scottsboro Boys’

scottsboro boys

Facing protests, Broadway production “The Scottsboro Boys” will close this Sunday. Tom Matlack argues that the show was misunderstood.