How to Find—and Stay on—the Bright Side When Life Sucks and You’re in Free Fall


Lots of people were unhappy. But inside my failing rocket, our little trio, laughed, celebrated, and jumped on the trampoline.

8 Tips For Becoming a Successful Single Dad


No one denies that becoming a single dad is hard. Here are tips from other single dads that could help make the transition easier.

Divorced With Children: Down Is the New Up


Down has become the new up, and I have become a new single dad, still committed to his kids, and in many ways, to his ex-wife as well.

The Bittersweet Ballet of Single Dad Mornings


As a single parent, in the beginning, just getting them fed and to school with no more than one tardy per month was a serious victory.

Divorced Dad In Love, a Happy Story


And even as I hope for a co-pilot again, there will never be an astronaut who turned herself so completely inside and out to be a family together.

Why I Lie(d) to My Wife


I am always lying.

Dads In Divorce: If You Parent 50/50 You Should Divorce 50/50


If you want 50/50 parenting, and are ready in your heart and mind to step up to the large task of co-parenting, then you should go for it.

The Journey to Manhood Starts With Letting Go


Setting the foundation is the key to helping our boys find their way to manhood.

Single Moms and Single Dads Aren’t All That Different


Single mothers out in the world doing it every single day: I stand in solidarity with you. We’re not all that different. I’m a nurturer, just like you.

My Daughter and the Pretty Please Moment

clothes shopping photo by wheatfields

Jim Gray goes shopping with his 12 year old daughter. And it gives him insights into the politics of pink, the meaning of fashion, and what a father’s love looks like.

Protector, Provider, Comforter, Confidante: 10 Questions About Gender

Jim Congdon, 50, Madison AL

JJ Vincent asked a 50-year-old about gender, identity, self-expression, and what defines a man.

Know Why I Say No


Jon Vaughn teaches his kids important lessons about responsibility, integrity, and a positive attitude using one simple word: No.

What A Single Dad Wants In the *Next* Relationship

image used courtesy of Ricardo Acevedo ©2009 all rights reserved

Let’s Hook Up, Wait… I Mean, Let’s Go Out On A Date…

A Return to Wholeness After Divorce


The Whole Parent writes about his journey past divorce to become a better father and a better man.

Iowa Black Dirt

photo by carlwwycoff

Perry Glasser is raising his daughter alone. And one by one, the mysteries are dispelled.

The Best Lie I Ever Told

Jon Vaughn and daughter

Jon Vaughn missed time with his daughters because he was too embarrassed to tell the truth. The realization of what he had missed changed everything.