Two Single Dads Who Taught Me Everything


There are two single fathers that showed Brandy Pettigrew what being a parent really was, and she’s so thankful for them both.

Over the Top Weekend With Dad

special ice cream

Thomas Fiffer’s weekend with his sons may seem indulgent, but when his son opens up to him at the end of the night, he knows he’s made the right choice.

I Dare You to Define Normal: The Parenting Times, They Are a-Changin’

photo by freewine

JJ Vincent looks at families these days, and all he sees are totally new kinds of normal.

What is in the Best Interests of the Child?

dad daughter pic

Showtime, as a single father, knows that he has so much more to give to his daughter than the courts could even ask for.

5 Deal Breakers for the Dating Dad

single dads, dating a single dad, dating as a single dad, relationships, dating advice for men, Showtime, Good Men Project

Dating after a break-up can be hard, but the stakes are raised for devoted single dads like Showtime.

Dating the Single Co-Parenting Dad: On the Outside Looking In


Single dads are fiercely committed to their little ones saying, by action and by word, “you are loved.”

The Science of Love


Why has it taken us so long to learn so little about how and why we have sex?

7 Sexy Dating Secrets of the Single At Home Dad

romance novel

Look out ladies! It’s rumpled lovin’ time!

A Single Dad’s Guide to Traveling With Kids


The holiday season is the perfect time to pack up, go somewhere special, and bond with your family over fun activities. Make it memorable.

“My wife died 15 years ago. It created a new level of relationship between my kids and I.”


This is a comment by Single Dad on the post “New Google Chrome Ad Highlights Awesome Father-Daughter Bond”.

Single Dad Diaries


The Single Dad Diaries: a web comic from Ervin L Johnson. New comics daily.

Ann Romney’s GOP Speech — Caregiving and Parenting as Woman’s Work

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What century does Ann Romney live in? Two million Dads are full time parents, too, and we know it can be an ass whipping.

“I’m a single full-time father and I freely admit that it is a difficult task for anyone to date me.”


This is a comment by Gordon on the post “Can I Date a Single Dad?”

“I would likely date a man with children. It was the adults, not the parenting that bothered me!”


These are comments by Kat and Jester Who-ver on the post “Can I Date a Single Dad?”

For Single Dads Everywhere

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One single father spent 8 months capturing the little totems left behind by his children in the 53rd hour – the hour after they leave his home every week.

A Dad Defends Danica Patrick

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Matthew Crowder hopes that Danica Patrick’s haters will keep their mouths shut, so his daughter’s dreams aren’t dashed.