A Teen’s Plea: Stop Ignoring Boys’ Self-Harming Behaviors

a cutter

A young man’s cry for help for boys who self-harm.

Burning Down the House of Love and Hope


John McElhenney describes the final minutes of his marriage … and the epiphany that came five years later.

Divorced With Children: Down Is the New Up


Down has become the new up, and I have become a new single dad, still committed to his kids, and in many ways, to his ex-wife as well.

Positive Divorce: Upward and Onward After Splitting Up


That my ex-wife has found new love is a wonderful thing for her, and for my kids. She deserves to be happy. And the happier she is the happier my kids are, and tangentially, the happier I am as well.

How Long Will It Hurt? Divorce Recovery, the Road Back to Happiness


By building back yourself, while you are alone, you can re-find your own priorities and joys in life.

The Secret to Happiness After Divorce: Forgiveness


John McElhenney lost almost everything in his divorce. But he’s still happy. Really happy.

5 Signs a Man Isn’t Ready for a Relationship


The Off Parent conducts a rigorous self-examination to help determine a divorced man’s readiness for dating.

Parents, Let’s Get In More Play This Summer


What I have that is so different from my father, is a clear and loving relationship with both my daughter and my son.
They KNOW how much I love them.

Divorced Dad In Love, a Happy Story


And even as I hope for a co-pilot again, there will never be an astronaut who turned herself so completely inside and out to be a family together.

A Sprinter In Love, and How I Am Learning to Pace Myself


John MacElhenny was a sprinter in high school and now finds himself acting the same in love. Perhaps it’s time to slow down.

5 Wonderful and Unexpected Benefits of Being a Serial Monogamist


So yes, I’m a serial monogamist, but it’s not because I always have to be in a relationship. I’m a serial monogamist because I’m hoping to find the next relationship at some point.

Sexual Predators and the Targeting of Single Parents

photo by joan sorolla

Jayneen Sanders looks at sexual assault to children of single parents and ways to think about prevention.

5 Things I Discovered About Myself After Becoming a Dad

Roger and Chase Dundas

Roger Dundas’ son is almost 3-years-old. Here are a few things he’s learned since becoming a dad.

So You Think You Want To Date A Single Mom?

So You Think You Want To Date A Single Mom?

Hera McLeod persevered through tragedy to become a proud single mother. She now offers five pieces of advice to any good man looking to start a relationship with a single mother.

How to Rescue a Single Mom

single mom

Katherine Logan longs for a day when dating a single mom is something normal, not special or heroic.

“There’s no efficiency gains in being married–in economic terms…There *is* efficiency gains in living together.”

Living together

This comment by Lars Fischer on the post The New Politics of Marriage.