Divorce and the Goodbye Monday Blues

One day things seem okay and the next day the universe is split in two: time with your kids and time without them. I’ll take what I can get and do the best I can in that time. The rest is up to me.

How Male Voices of the Past Spoke to My Hard-to-Reach Boys

These underachieving teenage boys were desperate for good male role models in their lives—and I certainly didn’t fit the bill as a woman.

The Data Set of My Divorce: Things Still Don’t Add Up

I was the partner who was still ALL-IN at the end. She’d made a decision to leave, made plans to cover her needs, and then with the backing of the State of Texas, she ripped my world in two.

The Game of Divorce

I lost the Game of Divorce in a big way. Not because I didn’t play. And not because I didn’t ask for what I thought was “in the best interest of the kids” and FAIR. I lost because that’s the way the game is stacked against the fathers today.

Dating a Divorced Dad – Version 2.0

Go for 100%. Don’t settle for an almost relationship because you are lonely. That’s the time you need to take more interest in yourself and what you are doing to become a more attractive and delicious partner.

With the Gun to My Head, The Ex Pretends to Play Fair

Make no mistake, the custodial parents are the clients, the non-custodial parents are the dead beat dads. You wouldn’t be calling the AG’s office if there wasn’t a problem.

Sex, and Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll – Version 2.0

What I learned from my mom and dad about alcohol. 1. My dad was a full-blown alcoholic. 2. My mom rebelled against that alcoholism. 3. They divorced when I was 6 and my dad drank himself to death.

Being a Good Man in a Storm, Even During Divorce

She no longer believed in the promise of our marriage, and she decided to take her chances, and unfortunately the chances for the rest of us, with other options. Divorce options.

A Discussion About ‘Split,’ for Kids of Divorce (and Their Parents) by Ellen Bruno

Ellen Bruno discusses ‘Split,’ a film about how divorce affects kids.

3 Questions I Wish I Had Asked Myself Long Before I Divorced

We tend to deny the signs that something is wrong with our marriage. But tuning in early can save a ton of heartache.

The Spiritual Quest for Love: Part Two – The Turning Point

What we learn along the journey towards love is all the things we must have in our next relationship and all the things we must let go of to be happy.

A Dad’s Divorce Blog: Looking for the Good Along the Journey

John McElhenney explores his need to write his way though his divorce and reveals to his readers the healing taking place along the journey.

7 Signs Your Teen Is Having Difficulty Coping With Divorce

Divorce can be especially tough on teenagers. Here are 7 signs they’re in distress and 7 ways you can help.

Can You Be Both Mother and Father?

After her husband died, Edie Weinstein raised her son alone. Now she reflects on whether one parent can or should even try to fulfill the roles of both.

Working Parents: Building Caregiving Alliance With Grandparents

Kanesha Baynard Shares the Perks of Cross Generational Caregiving

Dear Dad: The One With the Circumcision Question

A single mom has no male influences and is unsure if she should circumcise her unborn son, so she turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice.