Can Single Guys Be Happy?


Whether you’re post-breakup or just pre-relationship, Matt Shumate wants you to know the benefits of being by yourself for a while.

10 Years in, I Finally Realized How Marriage Works

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 7.13.41 PM

It took Lara Dotson-Renta a decade to figure out the secret to a happy marriage. Now she’s ready to share.

What Traveling Taught Me About Long-Term Success


Adventure, life lessons, and amazing experiences happened to this man through his travels. Here’s what he learned. — Spiritual growth and living in the moment—this is what I thought road trips were all about, but I never thought long-term success would be the main lesson learned. But in the past five days, I have gawked […]

Comment of the Day: “Yes, being single is wonderful. But it has it disadvantages as well.”

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This comment is by CHall on the post “Live Your Life for You: 7 Reasons the Single Life is the Best Life.”

I Kept Wanting More From My ‘Unromantic’ Husband—Until I Had This Epiphany


I wondered what was so wrong with me that I couldn’t inspire a man to make a fuss over me.

A Single Dad Introduces His Family of Two to the World


Fernando Gomez needed to be a dad. He decided to do it on his own.

Here is the story of his family. (Video)

6 Reasons Why You (and Every Other Guy) Should Consider Getting Married


After 20 years of marriage—Tor Constantino knows that not every marriage works great but a great marriage is worth the work.

20 Things That are More Fun to do While Single


There are so many things that are fun to do while single. It really can be a field full of the greenest grass.

Warning: 10 Changes To Think About – From Single To A Committed Relationship

We affect one another

Steven Lake explores changes you need to think about if you want be in a committed relationship. It’s only as hard as you make it.

Dating Again? 10 Tips For Newly Single Men


Newly back in the dating scene and feeling a bit rusty? These tips will get you back in the game.

The Roller Coaster of Emotions You Feel After Being Single Too Long


The only way to stumble on a rock is to go to the forest.

20 Reasons Gay Men Stay Single, While Others Crave Marriage


Why do gay men choose to be single? The answers will shock you (while cracking you up).

There Are No Good Ones Left

A black woman touching hands of a man

Jordan Gray wants to challenge the idea that all of the good ones are taken… because they aren’t.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Single Dad


Through Facebook, a single Dad gets some handy ideas for what he should receive on the upcoming Holiday.

10 Huge Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

mistakes men make

Why breaking any single one of these is enough to keep you single.

Suit Up: Advice For Men From A Woman Working In Fashion


Put on a suit once in awhile, listen intently, open doors and don’t talk about your ex. Dawn Estenor doesn’t think it’s too much to ask of modern gentlemen.