Preparedness Simplified

disaster prep

Disaster preparedness for those with a busy life.

A Post (Part Four of Four) For People Wanting to Enter the Job Market


Vaughan Granier on how to own the interview and get the job.

A Man’s Guide to Surviving Unemployment

the next pink slip might be yours photo by Bernard Pollack

5 tips on navigating a hostile job market with focus and calm from Steve Harper, a life-long freelancer.

A Compassionate Approach to Homelessness

homeless photo by jim fischer

It’s possible to provide a handout that is also a hand up writes Chris Hicke. And Utah is showing how.

Hedonistic Fitness, Hipster Haircuts and Logan’s Run


Ben Musholt reflects on a cult classic, “Mad Skills” and the future of fitness.

Dewey Nielsen – Movement Maverick


Dewey Nielsen moving with ease and imagination.

“My friend is a recovering road rageaholic.”

Road Rageaholic photo by tonythemisfit

This Comment of the Day is by Steve Horsmon on the post Love and Anger Are Close Cousins

On Raising Kids Not to Bully (Or to Be Bullied)

The antidote to bullying

Julie Gillis looks at ways you can help your child grow up to not be a bully — and, equally important, how to not have them be a victim of bullying.

“I wish my dad had taught me to: tell great stories, pray, forgive, draw, and how to talk and burp at the same time.”


These are comments by Elvin Turner, Taylor Garcia, JD Robeeto on the post “25 Life Skills a Father Can Give His Son”.

“Am I the only one who thinks that if a dating relationship needs couples counseling it probably is doomed already?”


These are comments by J.A. Drew Diaz, goodguys2greatmen, and jerry stocking on the post “How to Become a Passion Master”.

How Long Would It Take You to Get a New Job?

bread line

Any response other than “a couple of weeks” and you’re at risk.

US College Grads Under-Qualified for Employment

student, students, college, college graduates, graduates, skills, computers, programming, engineering, kirk mcdonald

Kirk McDonald tells the cold, hard truth about finding jobs after graduation.

Become an Intern with The Good Men Project

Ladder and life preserver stephen sheffield

Interns/apprentices wanted now.

Being a Father Makes You Better at Your Job


A study of working dads suggests fatherhood conveys direct benefits to employers.

How to Survive a Natural Disaster


If there’s a natural disaster or terrorist attack, can you protect your family?

Paid to Stay out of the Way


Most boys learn to be a “real man” from their dad. Mine paid me to stay out of his way.