What Was He Like?

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My grandfather made mistakes. He abandoned people who needed him, he alienated people who loved him, but he taught me one important thing — not to have any regrets.

Summer Sunscreen Tips—And Why We Should Applaud People Who Take Care of Their Skin

Dont' go full Lobster photo/Erik Ogan

I’m going to Badger you into wearing sunscreen. — I’m in the sun a lot. I played a lot of beach volleyball in the past and now I play a lot of golf.  I’m often in direct sun for 5 hours at a time. I’m also very afraid of skin cancer.  Both my mother and […]

#84: Boston City Councilman Implements Free Sunscreen Citywide


Boston combats skin cancer with new, free sunscreen dispensers — at no cost to taxpayers, either.

Puncture Weed, Yard Work, Obsession, and Sunscreen


This weed is my obsession. There are some things in life I can’t control. This one I can. I can try.

We’re Fixing the Ozone Layer. Let’s Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change!

Climate change ruins lives

We made great strides to restore the ozone layer, let’s follow that international cooperation model to mitigate climate change

Your Body Wants You to Know: Sunburns Are a Big Deal


One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.

How to Check Your Skin for Skin Cancer


Learn to examine your largest organ for five signs of cancer.

Men, Are You Taking Care of Your Skin?


With summer upon us, Nicole Johnson is concerned about the largest organ on your body.

Nine Days with Cancer


Jim Mitchem learned a lot in nine days.