Shelters: “Some Days I Turn 20 Away. Today It’s Just One.”

Michael Lee Shelters

Michael Lee: “As a youth worker, it is in my bones to save the world….Each call is like someone else’s life flashing before your eyes.”

How Difficult Is It to Speak Up? Listen To This.

I love to ride trains and subways Sam Cook

Amazing story by Sam Cook, “Flatland” will leave you breathless with insight.

‘Cherry Spoon Bridge to Nowhere’ Slam Poet Guante


Award winning spoken word poet Guante on race, privilege, art and Minneapolis.

For the People Who Ask Me If I’m Tired

Justin Lamb

Justin Lamb, performing during prelims at the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam.

Guante: A Visit From the PC Police


Let’s reframe the idea of political correctness to be less about censorship and more about choosing to not use needlessly hurtful language.

Silence Feeds Rape Culture

Guante 2

Award-winning slam poet Guante talks about how the things we don’t say are the things we should have said.

‘Man Up’ – An Excerpt from Carlos Andrés Gómez’s New Book


“I am tired of men dying because they feel alone, feeling like they are destined for prison or monotony or gender role-playing or anything less than their most divine of dreams… I know that I am not alone in this.”