Fart Catchers and Duck F***ers! The World of 18th-Century Slang


What does the commoners speech say about society?

Do Any of Us Really Need to “Just Grow a Pair?”

pair of pears

Strength, courage, and life success really aren’t about body parts or hormones, so let’s stop using slang terms for them to shame anyone of any gender.

You’re Black; So Why Do You Talk White?

Norris & Knight

Despite growing up as young black male in the “hood,” facing all the same challenges—like violence and poverty—my voice, moreover the way I talked, somehow made me less black than others.

How We Say Sex


Are we portraying good sex with bad imagery?

Man Up / Man Down


Hipster Sexism doesn’t serve humanity any better than the Classic variety.

Bird Is Not The Word: Informal Terms for Women


Martin Nash is fine with referring to the guys, the lads, the fellas, but isn’t sure how to refer to the ladies.

An Excerpt from THE COLLECTIVE, By Don Lee


“A yellow dipper, a paddy melt, a Chiquita muncher. California slang for white chicks who want a taste of Asian.” By Don Lee

Dr. Robert Weissberg, Racism, and The Collective Shame of Bigotry

Screen Shot 2012-04-20 at 11.22.26 AM

In response to Dr. Robert Weissberg’s defense of a derogatory Yiddish word, Zek J. Evets raises a challenge to call out those who stay silent in the face of bigotry.

Bro-ing Alone


College-age “bros,” writes Oliver Lee Bateman, have an extensive bro-cabulary for their describing their exploits, but don’t say much about sex.

#, @, lol, and Other Annoying Internet Slang

Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz, the masterminds behind the sharply hilarious blog, “Stuff Hipsters Hate,” explore three of the Internet’s most annoying language pariahs. As they put it, “If you want to put your finger on the entity that’s currently shaping and torquing our lexicon like a game of drunken Twister, you’re already there: Look […]