Empathy in the Internet Age – Better or Worse?

Are reactions to tragedies really so heartless or do we just notice the hate more?

Should the U.S. Provide Reparations for Slavery and Jim Crow?

Compensatory reparations should be limited to the harms of the Jim Crow era.

Comment of the Day: ‘Most ‘black’ people in America really aren’t ‘black.’

Who sets the definition for race?

Hey, Right Wing Guys: President Obama is Not the Problem. It’s Your Mindset

The fact is that since the dawn of the republic, we have always been a politically fractured nation.

The Civil War: The One We Fought, The One We’re Still Fighting

It officially ended 150 years ago on April 9 in Appomattox with General Lee’s surrender, but the deep divisions that produced the Civil War still roil our national psyche.

4 Alternate Questions for Passover

Thomas Fiffer breaks with tradition to offer four new questions for the Passover seder.

The Burning of Columbia and the Persistence of Confederate Mythology

In the wake of the controversy which led to the closing of the University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter, Louis Venters shares a blast from the Confederate past.

Bipartisanship Is No Utopia

Washington gridlock can be annoying, but that doesn’t mean bipartisan consensus produced outcomes that are necessarily more popular.

3/5 a Person, Ferguson and the Banality of Racism

To overcome racism we need to overcome separation and ignorance. Familiarity, socializing, play and fun together breeds closeness, affection and care.

Playing the Slave Card

Steve Harper reflects on the way race impacts his life.

Human Trafficking by the Numbers

A clear representation of how big the human trafficking problem really is.

Julion Evans Doesn’t Get a Funeral

Pastor T.W. Jenkins denies the grieving family of Julion Evans the right to a funeral.

‘The Greatest’ Deals a Knockout Blow to Racial Stereotypes

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was formidable in the ring—but even more so in the talk show guest chair.