100 Words on Love: Sleeping Together

On the nights we’re not speaking we lie, faces to opposite walls on the edges of the bed, each determined not to crumble first.

Sleeping Together

“He’d come to appreciate the sounds she made, a steady grumble of snores that lessened whenever she turned on her side. The things she said were invariably hostile: ‘Who the hell is Becky?’ ‘Don’t fucking look at me!’ ‘Why didn’t you answer the phone?'” By Mike Heppner

Sleeping Together: The Good Life’s Top Ten in March

Readers of The Good Life flock to the truth about sleeping together, and what we really want from women.

Why We Sleep Together

Why do we share a bed with the one we love?

“A kind of rape society doesn’t talk about is the type where ‘consent’ is given through coercion or wearing-down.”

This is a comment by Davey on the post “Nice Guys Commit Rape Too”.