In a poem that some will find creepy and others will find darkly funny, Ann Clark reminds us that the people we love often hide secrets.

Anticipation of the Knife

Masculinity is often tied to pain management. Here, Michael Walsh ponders whether one kind of pain can be used to manage another.

Understanding Women

Doctor NerdLove examines the notion that women are inherently so different from men that understanding them requires some sort of guidebook.

Why Men Don’t Always Want Sex

Believe it or not, men are not always in the mood. Sex educator Ken Melvoin-Berg helps turn this unfortunate situation into an opportunity for exploration and fun.

Dear John: She’s Not Fit To Be Tied

This week, Dear John addresses a guy who is stuck on “his way” in sex, a long unsaid apology, and a dented car.

I Don’t Want to Be Her S&Master

A guy wonders how to handle his girlfriend who wants to have a master/slave relationship. Josie and Eli call in Noah Brand for a third opinion from inside the world of kink.

“50 Shades of Grey,” “Fight Club,” and the Complications of Male Dominance

Clarisse Thorn sees nothing new in eroticized images of male dominance and violence, but she sees plenty that’s thought-provoking.

Searching for a Unified Theory of O: Part Four

After a long look, Clarisse Thorn finally finds her sexual identity.

Searching for a Unified Theory of Orgasm

Clarisse Thorn searches her past experiences, physiology, and sexual preferences to shine light on what constitutes the female orgasm.