Ready Steady Shoot: A Pro’s Guide to Smartphone Video


The Do’s and Don’ts of the next generation of videographers

Don’t Feed the Machine: Give the Gift of Presence This Year


The machine of capitalism is hungry. Are you willing to stop feeding it, at least for a little bit? Doug Zeigler ponders valuing things over presence.

My Take on i0S8


Frank Verderosa has IOS8, and it’s like someone read his wish list.

Put That Thing Away

put that thing away

What does it look like to the other person when you can’t put your phone down while having a conversation? This video nails it.

Is Your Partner Lying to You? Your Smartphone Might Know.

Reception - 0003

What happens when our phones understand us better than we understand ourselves?

My Month Without a Smartphone


Leo Babauta did the unfathomable. He pulled of the unthinkable. He willingly ditched his smartphone.

NameTag Will Let Someone Take A Picture of You, Scan It Against A Database, and Give Them Your Personal Information.


How one tech start-up is jumping the shark on Internet privacy.

Juggling Real and Online Life For Our Kids


In a world where we become more and more dependent on technology, Doug Zeigler tries find an equilibrium between the real and online worlds for his children.

How to Shop in a Grocery Store – Part One

Grocery shopping

Josh Bowman is spending the next couple of weeks offering tips on how to do basic activities (you’re welcome). Today: shopping in a grocery store. Part one.

ADD and the Significant Other


Divorce rates for those with ADD are nearly double that of the general population. Here are some tips to keep you from being another statistic.

The Blackberry Problem: What Would You do if You Were the CEO of RIM?

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins

RIM may or may not be in a “death spiral.” CEO Thorsten Heins certainly doesn’t think so. If you were in Thorsten’s shoes, what would you do?

Technology: Google Wallet Vulnerable To Hacks Discovered This Week

Maybe putting all your money into Google’s latest barely-out-of-beta product would be a bit hasty …

Tech: Add Space To Your Dropbox For The Low Cost Of Nothing [@akilshohen]

The popular online service is stepping up their game, and here’s how you can get something out of it!

Gadgets: Between 1-5 Million Android Devices Could Be Infected With Malware

Symantec says your Android device is under siege from Malware. Lookout says “maybe not.” Who do you believe?

Gadgets: Liquipel Makes Anything Waterproof. Seriously!

New technology makes your smartphone waterproof … if you feel like trusting a company you never met with your stuff.

Gadgets: iPhone 4S Leads New Product Announcements From Apple

We break down the nitty gritty details on the new products and services from Apple, and tell you when you can get more info.