Comment of the Day: ‘Grief does not have to be a sad moment’

Embed from Getty Images It’s ok to remember and smile. — This comment was by Raheel Lakhani in reference to the post – ‘My Friend Just Died. I Don’t Know What to Do’ This is a great read. However, grief does not have to be a sad moment. It can be a happy moment of remembrance as […]

Mental Note: Don’t Smile in Photographs

Jim Mitchem on “the line”—at what stage do we start getting older? And why does it matter?

Why is He Always Smiling?

John Trybulec observes a man with a good heart.

Are You Raising Considerate Kids?

Ty Phillips shares three behaviors he models for his daughter to help her become a good citizen.

“Just Wave and Watch the Smile Follow”

Strangers? Wave Anyway