The Day My Father Caught Me Smoking

My dad was the type of parent who wanted me to experience life and make my decisions about what was right and wrong.

Grumpy Old Men, Smoking And Distracted Eating OH MY!

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Avoiding Temptation, How Not to Cheat

Despite temptation, you can stay true to yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

A Public Service Announcement Brought to You By Weird Dreams and Big Tobacco

I started putting cream in my coffee, because black coffee without a square is like corn flakes without the milk. I made changes, and I made it a week, a month, a year

Why We Run #12: Of Habits and Addiction

When it comes to facing addiction, focusing on getting addicted to something healthy can be key.

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The Future of Nicotine Addiction is Electronic as Smokers Become Vapers

How do you replace a shrinking (and dying) customer base? Get the new generation hooked.

Breaking Up With Jerks Like This Is Not Hard to Do

Naomi Fryers broke up with her disability employment service provider after they put her in a compromising position.

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Carl Bosch is just looking for a little honesty. And sometimes he finds it.

33 Reasons Why This Dad Is Quitting Smoking

Husband and father Nick Geurts has assembled a list of reasons why he can’t justify smoking any longer.

The Rope

Neil Silberblatt remembers a friend, taken before his time, in this quiet slice-of-life.

Why @Cwgabriel Will Keep Being A Jerk (And That’s Okay)

Realizing that you have to do better is a good start, but it’s only a start, and we all betray our best intentions sometimes.

Dear John: Daughter’s Nude Photos Not Welcome in Family Album

A daughter’s photography choices, a friend who wants credit for an idea, and a boyfriend who lied about a pot pipe.

Dear John: She Wants Him To Have An Affair

A chronic illness prompts a proposal for an affair, a girlfriend who won’t quit smoking, and a friend who stole a work project.

“If we found a way to remove addiction, would we be altering human behavior that we might find out later to be a core element of our humanity?”

This is a comment by Thaddeus Howze on the post “What Marijuana Means to Me”.

Men’s Global Healthcare is Woefully Underfunded

Despite men being statistically less healthy than women, global health funding has been largely focused on women.