Open Thread: What Does the Negative Commentary About the Oscars Say About Us as a Society?

Ken writes, “we live in a strange cruel society.” What do you think?

I Bag My Own Groceries

Uzi Peretz shares an experience of ego, pride, and (ultimately) humility.

A Time to Fight [OpEd]

Social media is raging about Phil Robertson and his right to his religious views.Calling something a religious belief doesn’t make it immune to criticism.

Gawker is Defending Snark and It’s Such a Good Feeling To Explain Why They Are Wrong

Tom Scocca argues that snark is a necessary weapon in the war against “smarm”. Allan Mott politely disagrees.

Your Humble Editors are Reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

Because of course we are. Did you think we’d let you down? Never, baby. We’re gonna stick with you through the end. And we’re gonna protect you, and give you expensive gifts and get all up in your business and maybe cross a few lines but only because we’ve never wanted someone as much as […]