I Dare You Not to Smile. Seriously.

OMG! Rap. Snooki. And what would two 85-year-old best friends name their band?

Where I’ll Be Spending the Government Shutdown

With the US Federal Government down, William Lucas Walker needs to find a happy place. Behold: the 99¢ store.

The Ethics of Reality Television: Kant and Bentham on the Jersey Shore

As Jersey Shore builds to a not-at-all climactic conclusion, Jim Jividen discusses what we’ve learned about ethics from watching Snooki, JWoww, the Situation, Ronnie, and all their gym/tan/laundry pals.

Mitt Romney and The Lower 47

Politically conservative writer Mark Ellis weighs in on Mitt Romney’s “47%” speech, and explains why he thinks the candidate should own that statement instead of trying to make it go away.

Open Thread: Would You Go on “Jersey Shore”?

Would you be willing to replace Vinny on “Jersey Shore?

Headline Across America: “Snooki NOT Pregnant!”

Thank God, but is this news?

More Americans Watched Jersey Shore Than GOP Debate

Maybe SnookI is in the wrong line of work?

The World Is Ending

Hide ya’ kids, hide ya’ wives. We are all going to die.