Director Lee Daniels Wants You to Know: He’s NOT Tyler Perry


Lee Daniels overcame a lot to become the critically-acclaimed director he is today, including bullying and homophobia.

Taking One Step Forward, Knowing I May Take Two More Back


Richard Krzyzanowski has been sober for three years, but he still wakes up terrified after dreaming about the warm embrace of bourbon.



For the sake of the people she loves, Christie Chapman intends to stay sober.

Injured Marine Alex Minsky Becomes Fitness Model and Saves a Life: His Own

Alex Minsky

The Today Show highlights the story of Alex Minsky, who almost died from an IED blast in Afghanistan.

The Sophisticate

wine snobs, gin snobs, whisky snobs, beer snobs, alcoholism, My First Drink, alcohol in families

Kile Ozier was encouraged to cultivate a taste for alcohol at home. Without the pressures of a political life in the closet and a killer epidemic, it might not have become a problem … .

In Utero

alcoholism in families, My First Drink, alcoholism, drug addiction, sobriety

For Drew Diaz, trouble with alcohol began early.

A Child of Alcoholics Finds Serenity

Aaron Brinker, My First Drink, sobriety, Serenity Prayer, alcoholism, youth drinking

Aaron Brinker changes a family tradition of silence around alcohol abuse, by telling the story of how he also became an alcoholic.

5 Techniques to Avoid Cravings after Drug Rehab


After recognizing cravings and their triggers, learn to alleviate the discomfort.

Unfinished Symphony: A Memoir Excerpt

Bridge at Merkene, Lithuania

A daughter recalls her father’s ragged oaths, then the gentle, intelligent voice letters penned from the other side of the world.

Meet a Bladesmith Whose Last Name Is Shanks … For Real


Forging could be considered the second oldest profession in the world, but for outlaw biker Terry Shanks forging has become a spiritual discipline.

Attempting to Make Christmas Not Suck This Year


No amount of repenting and stretching and bitching is going to change anything. We are already all right.

Fathering to Heal


There is no way I can understand who I am as a father without understanding who I am as a son.

What I Learned from 9 Weeks of Sobriety


Why Mike Nicholson took a self-imposed hiatus from drinking, how his friends responded, and what he learned from the experience.

Laugh at the Punch


After four years sober, cracks begin to appear in Erik Christian’s façade of normalcy.

How Erik Got His Groove Back


White-knuckling his way through sobriety was burning him out, until Erik Christian returned to his youthful creative passions.

Tell Your Story: What Have You Overcome?


Strength in Story is looking for men’s stories of adversity and recovery.